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    Free Spanish Classes (& Beer)

    Wow! This is awesome!! Just checked out the site, and it looks like exactly what my husband has been looking for. We'd totally love to come when you reschedule! Thanks for doing this - Julia
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    Ski Club

    Awesome! My hubby and I were hoping to get a trip in next month, but are currently trying to determine how feasible it is (translation: how expensive!). It's not the lift tickets I'm worried about - I'm wondering how much it will cost when all is said and done (transportation, lodging, etc.)...
  3. J

    Travel Buddies to Bariloche

    We were thinking of going to Bariloche for a while, too. I'm going to ask around to see how feasible it is to rent a car to drive down. Would anyone be interested in driving down together and splitting the costs? We were thinking of going in August to catch some snowboarding in the Alps ; )
  4. J

    Whole bean coffe?

    Seems like you could find some online retailer who ships internationally. Doesn't Amazon do that?
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    Aloe vera anywhere?

    Awesome! I found a great health food store today on J.L. Borges, just a ways in from Santa Fe street. Everything from aloe vera to stevia to whole grains and spices, it was all there for fantastic prices (well, not the aloe vera)! Just wanted to let people know in case they're into that kind...
  6. J

    Can I buy stamps other places besides the Post Office?

    Do they sell them in supermarkets or anything? Also, where are the mailboxes to drop them off? Thank you!
  7. J

    American entry fee to BA?

    Funny you should mention that . . . my husband just commented last night that when we went through customs last week, we never had to pay any fees : )
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    Aloe vera anywhere?

    Awesome. I had the same thought. Thank you!
  9. J

    Aloe vera anywhere?

    Does anyone know where I might be able to buy aloe vera (to be taken internally)? Thank you!
  10. J

    cheap used guitar?

    Thanks, guys! Hope all of you do well in finding what you need : )
  11. J

    cheap used guitar?

    Does anyone know of a place where I can get a guitar (new or used) for cheap?
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    3 Travel Questions

    Thanks a lot, guys! Still not sure what to do about the guitar, but that gives me some good info to consider ; ) One question I forgot to ask: are taxis generally pretty accommodating of a lot of luggage? We will have four large suitcases, (hopefully) a guitar, and our two laptop bags...
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    3 Travel Questions

    Hi, there! I've posted a few times here . . . my name is Julia and my hubby is Brian. We arrive in BA next week, and I had 3 quick questions: 1. Can I take herbs and supplements through customs? Do they have to be unopened? 2. I'd like to bring a guitar for my carry on. We're flying...
  14. J

    Typhoid on lettuce?

    Awesome! Thanks so much for your reassuring advice. Looks like I'll be eating my salads, then ; ) Have a good one, Julia
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    Typhoid on lettuce?

    Hi, there! My husband and I will be arriving in BA in early June, and we had one question: is it safe to eat fresh (raw) produce out there? The big thing we were wondering about is if there's any danger of typhoid from eating it. Thanks : ) Julia
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    Poker night anyone?

    My husband is also very interested; we won't be arriving until June 4, so you have some time ; )