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  1. blackheart

    Native english teacher wanted

    Hi everyone. I am looking for a native english speaker to teach me, I consider I have an advanced level and want to improve it due to a future trip I will do next year to England. Send me a PM if you are interested. Cheers! Matias
  2. blackheart

    Tennis lessons in Palermo!

    I teach tennis to tourists, expats, etc. in Palermo in english or spanish. I taught tennis in Fremantle, Perth, Australia in 2013 and I just got back from England after staying there for 6 months doing several courses for tennis coaches, so I have got plenty of experience coaching to different...
  3. blackheart

    Tennis Lessons

    I teach tennis to turists, expats, etc. in Palermo, the price is very reasonable due to my intention to teach abroad in one year's time, so I try to practice my teaching methods doing this. I taught tennis in Fremantle, Perth, Australia two years ago so am pretty experienced teaching to native...
  4. blackheart

    Hello To All!

    Hello, I am Matias, an argentinian tennis coach and economist living in Buenos Aires. The reason why I am here is to help out some foreigners who want to inmerse in this very particular country. Besides, I plan to settle down in UK in 15 months teaching tennis over there, so It would be good to...