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  1. argsteve

    Nfl Football--- Anyone Watching The Game Thursday????

    going to tip a few pints and wanted to know if anyone is watching the broncos - chiefs game this thursday???? cheers
  2. argsteve

    Anyone Interested In Being A Partner In A Sports Bar Here???

    I am sure i will get some people commenting ...saying are you crazy!!! I want to get into the bar business.... I just am seeing if there is anyone living here... that is into the idea of being partners in a money making existing sports bar... turn key ready to go... All my friends would...
  3. argsteve

    Mexican Food

    I love mexican food and I wanted to pass this on to anyone who might be missing some of it..... I do not know anyone involved with this company but check it out if you want
  4. argsteve

    Uruguay National Team's Dulce De Leche Shipment Confiscated this made me laugh since so many of us complain about dulce de leche being in everything here .....the soccer team was trying to bring 86 pounds of it to Brasil..... wow!!! :P
  5. argsteve

    Happy Hour March 7Th Friday 7:30 Until ???? Lets Party!!

    Since I see so many women with their ladies only nights and coffee greets lets have a good old fun happy hour!!! let us find a reason to drink and celebrate!! EVERYONE is invited.. come one and all!!!!..... :D March 7th starting early 7:00, 7:30 but ending late at Magdelena's Party in...
  6. argsteve

    Super Bowl Xlvlll

    I figured I would throw this out and see where people are watching the Super Bowl Feb 2 ( if you care)...... the usual places are Sugar, Alamo, Casa Bar.... but does anyone have any other place in BA to watch the game??? anyone have another cool bar or restaurant that will be showing...
  7. argsteve

    Anyone Here Ever Bought A Fideicomiso -- A New Apt. In Ba?

    I was just wondering of any one here has ever gotten into a new apartment here..fideicomiso where you pay quotas for 2 years and someday hope to get a new apartment.... The whole process for me is getting weird an fishy... I went to REMAX.. on las heras and reserved a studio apartment...
  8. argsteve

    Anyone need a tile cutter...FREE

    I used this on a project for my dad in costa rica 3 years ago and i just found it under the bed..... i am moving.... it has been used but it is a basic old school tile cutter.... I will include a picture FREE to anyone who needs it.. or thinks they know a person who can use it.. must pick...
  9. argsteve

    A few things to sell before moving!

    I have sold most of the stuff I needed to downsize.... but I still have a couple of things left..... Phone stand -2 drawers 250 pesos bahuit? I am not sure of what to call it -----a well made storage cabinet for dishes or whatever was next to my dining table.. please see the photo 1200 pesos...
  10. argsteve

    More moving stuff for sale.... most 50% off

    Here is some more stuff for sale I live in Barrio Norte--- Bustamante and Beruti area.... phone stand with drawers 250 pesos tv stand wengue in color with drawers and a place for a dvd player.... 500 pesos tv stand tabacco in color...500 pesos bose ipod speaker....not 50% off but...
  11. argsteve

    Selling a few things..... moving sale!!

    Selling some stuff.... prices in pesos of course dollars also accepted......I am located in Barrio Norte bustamante y beruti area... I have a glass modern office desk (250 pesos)... black modern office chair(300 pesos).... 2 white storage cubbies 200 each a glass dining room table with 6...
  12. argsteve

    anybody live near barrio norte and work in vicente lopez?

    Well I am going to work up in Vicente Lopez off Libertador a few blocks past the Carrefour up there... Does anyone go this way everyday??.....Do you live around barrio norte or recoleta or alto palermo area??? I work 9am till 6pm... we could share a taxi or remis... or if you drive I could go...
  13. argsteve

    Magazines on the PC

    Well first I should say maybe everyone knows about this..I am not the most computer savy person. I have been really missing certain magazines like Sporting News, ESPN, Rolling Stone etc in English... I am crazy for NFL football!!!! I used to always buy a couple everytime I was back in the USA...
  14. argsteve

    Friends Day!!!?? what are people doing?

    I guess tomorrow(July 20th) is Friends Day.... a day to meet up drink and see all your friends..... Well, I dont have that many friends down here so I thought I would try to put together a little meet up/happy hour..... we will see what people say.. I was thinking about Sugar a expat basic...
  15. argsteve

    weird question ..but has anyone seen dill pickles

    I know sweet pickles are easy to find..... but has anyone ever seen dill pickles for sale anyplace... thank you for the help.....
  16. argsteve

    anyone know a nice spa for women in BA???

    I am thinking of giving my girlfriend a day at a spa... you know massage facial nails etc.... does anyone know a good nice place in the cap fed area??? It doesnt have to be crazy expensive or anything but I want it to be clean good quality and a classy very nice fun experience...... any...
  17. argsteve

    Asado photo...... great time Thanks Howard

    a photo sent to me from chad and janet....:D
  18. argsteve

    Wed. March 10th happy hour get together..

    Well I wrote about this in another post (looking for weekend mates) but I guess I will just see who wants to have a few drinks!!! March 10th from 6pm-10pm or beyond!!! happy hour is 6-9pm Wherever Bar -------- 2476 Oro in Palermo.......... March 10th Wed. 6-10pm close to Santa Fe...
  19. argsteve

    does anyone know a good plumber??

    Hi.. I know looking for a good honest inexpensive plumber is almost impossible in any country.....:p But does anybody know a good plumber in the palermo barrio norte area??? a little english would be nice also.... I know I am asking for a lot!! Probably could be just a handyman...
  20. argsteve

    Anyone need a older Toshiba Laptop?

    This a nice Toshiba Satellite Series laptop m-35... $400 dollars I brought it down here..but I really never use it.... I was going to take it to the cafes and use it for WI-FI.. but I never do!!! It is older.. maybe 6 years old... but works great would be perfect for just internet in your...