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    This Is Really Great. Did Anyone Attend? Food Trucks
  2. ghost

    Pick Your Favorite International Shi#hole [And You Think Ba] I can't edit the title but it says "and you think BA is Nasty"
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    Us Lifts Beef Ban On Argentina

    These clowns think that lifting the ban means somebody is going to buy what has become a substandard product. And I seriously doubt if Argentina has the supply for the US market or if anyone will even unload the boat after these stupid statements...
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    Human Garbage Gets Justice

    But he'll probably spend 20 years in appeals while he prefects the role of wife.
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    Surprize From Brazil Coming To Ba
  6. ghost Kenna's Hideout.
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    Another Great Reason To Do Business In Argentina.
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    "there Is A Breakdown In Society"

    This has been happening with greater and greater frequency over the past 7 years
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    Calling An Argentine Cell From Skype Out

    Does anyone know the code trick for calling an Argie cell from SKYPE Out while you are in the States and the cell owner is in BA? Thank you
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    Has Anyone Done This Trip On The New Trains?
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    Did Anybody Get One Of These For Christmas?
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    Top Gear Expelled From Argentina
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    Wow! The Pauper Runs With Fast Company

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    Only In Argilandia

    Only in Argilandia are you charged with Murder when someone rear-ends you on the highway......
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    Keep On Wishing.

    How dumb can she be????????? [tell us Cero]
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    Free Arturo
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    Qoute Function

    The quote function is not working. Is anyone else experiencing this problem?
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    Ok, I Have The Printing Press. It's Two For Me And 2 For You
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    Yes, Sure, The Future Is Here In The South
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    And The Drawin Award Goes To........