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  1. argsteve

    Reduced flight schedules and current entry / exit requirements

    i love how you kicked in that "paris of south america"
  2. argsteve

    Anybody trying to fly out to get vaccinated and then return?

    yes i had to change the flight to the 23rd... thank goodness for you guys .... you are my best source of information .... cheers
  3. argsteve

    Anybody trying to fly out to get vaccinated and then return?

    i had a flight on united for the 19th back to the usa...i just checked says canceled on the united app .... damn i didnt even get an email telling me... i am hoping it is date change...
  4. argsteve

    Job Opening for Customer Service Specialist

    lost me at google sheets and freshdeck.... oh well.... back to the malbec good luck
  5. argsteve

    Would you like to spend the rest of your life in Argentina?

    i lived in argentina for ten years .. went back now to the usa for four years.... and i am moving back to retire in mar del plata soon as i can get there.... there is something about argentina -it keeps bringing you back... it can be frustrating and things might not be as easy in some ways...
  6. argsteve

    Algarve, Portugal Looking Better All The Time

    panama is highly over-rated
  7. argsteve

    No More Reciprocity Fee For Us Passport Holders

    I have a couple of US friends visiting in 2 weeks... this is good news.... but is it 100% true.... i guess other websites have not been corrected yet...
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    Welcome :)
  9. argsteve

    Good Websites For Shopping In Ba!

    ribeiro has been my favorite for electronics and their service and delivery has been the only company in argentina who has been decent and professional. i guess the real question is what are you buying or looking for??... fallabella used to be decent for...
  10. argsteve

    Non-Fantasy Football

    sure and see you on NFL sunday... first pint is on the house!!! :P
  11. argsteve

    Non-Fantasy Football

    redbeanz PM sent... hope it helps... or drop by the bar anytime... cheers
  12. argsteve

    Non-Fantasy Football

    we do streaming at a sports bar i am involved with.... send me any message i will send you some websites...
  13. argsteve

    Reliable Remise To Ezeiza

    yes taxiezeiza... can book online always reliable..dont try to save 100 pesos get to the airport on time... from the capital.price is 350 all tolls included of course...
  14. argsteve

    Getting To Ezeiza

    eze taxi.... make your life easy.. you can book online....
  15. argsteve

    Rugby World Cup 2015 - Pumas V Nz

    cool match pumas feel short... but they are impressive..
  16. argsteve

    Nfl Football--- Anyone Watching The Game Thursday????

    something came up... so i am not watching thursday.... i guess sunday..... i dont know how to delete a post.... but i am out for thursday..sorry
  17. argsteve

    Nfl Football--- Anyone Watching The Game Thursday????

    going to probably be at casabar in recoleta....
  18. argsteve

    Nfl Football--- Anyone Watching The Game Thursday????

    going to tip a few pints and wanted to know if anyone is watching the broncos - chiefs game this thursday???? cheers
  19. argsteve

    Fantasy Football

    did you ever get a league started???? the first game is tonight but tell me if there is interest... I will be hanging at casa bar tonight!!
  20. argsteve

    Affordable And Semi-Fast Flights To Sfo?

    yes look at american airlines website looks like 1205 or so....