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  1. Pierre Smith

    Argentine Transportation Minister Dies Driving National Route 7 to Junín.

    A tough blow. Probably the only minister in the entire government that was trustworthy, competent, and had a vision worth backing.
  2. Pierre Smith

    A friend of mine from law school just passed away from Covid-19 at age 44.

    It was approximately 10 days ago, but I just now learned of it. As my other posts on here indicate, I believe that we should follow the data, and as the data are coming online, it's becoming more clear that this disease is a lot less deadly that we currently realize, probably no more than...
  3. Pierre Smith

    En el subte is scandalized that anyone would consider a Teleférico system in Buenos Aires

    What next, outlawing the sale of wine? Selling the Teatro Colón? Eating vegetables?
  4. Pierre Smith

    Impact of currency collapse

    American here. I visited with my father and some other family just recently and we loved the place. My father had been looking to retire to Mexico City, but the trip to Buenos Aires made him think twice. Can I ask, what effect do we anticipate the currency issues to have on real estate in...
  5. Pierre Smith

    Visiting Buenos Aires in August, thoughts?

    Hi all, I have a few questions about whether this plan is even feasible. We are tentatively planning a trip to Buenos Aires (and area) from July 30 to August 14. We'll be a male/female white couple (~40) from the US, with twin 21 year old girls (asian) - all Americans from the San Francisco...