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    Reaping The Benefits Of Long Tail Economy

    Nahh, Since I am going back and furth to Argentina a few times per year. Is there anything that has high value and can easily be sold with a neat profit? Not that I expect heaps of answers, but its worth a go;) Aiiight!
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    Nobel Peace Prize 2013 To Claudia Paz Y Paz?

    Whats your guess? Less than 23hs left..
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    Nobel Peace Prize awarded to European Union

    Correct, but way too late? Or completly wrong as the social standard in may EU countries are deteriorating, and the EU stands for politics that reinforces the social problems and weakens the possibilities for democratic governance. Any thought?
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    Who killed Laura Palmer?

    Any fans out there:)?
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    Honeymoon suggestion

    My mate is getting married and they want their honeymoon in Argentina.....and want me to come with suggestions on where to go. It will be in Feb/March next year. They would like both beach and mountains. I though of Llao LLao,Mendoza, Villa Gesell maybe... Anybody have some suggestions?
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    Paysafe cards for sale

    I bought some Paysafe cards, but since they are in pesos I am not able to deposit them to my euro betting account. This I only realized after buying them. Therefore, I am selling 800 peso worth of Paysafe cards for 700. You can f.ex use them on
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    I enjoy a game of Backgammon and would like to play some in BA. Anybody wants to meet up in a cafe to play a game or two? If so, PM me!
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    Purchase online gifts

    I am looking for an online shop that does delivery. The purpose is a gift to my special girl. Does anybody have an experience of buying gifts online, reliability of the site, product selection etc. Thanks in advance!
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    Poll Yerba Mate

    There is a tread about this, but it is not possible to insert a poll in an existing tread, therefore a new one. It would be interesting to see what the yerba brand preferences are, and how many that actually drinks it. The poll is limited to 10 options, so not all can be included, but it is of...
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    a-ha Ending On A High Note - Luna Park

    Anybody out there that has a spare ticket to sell, to the concert on Thursday?