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  1. jbhenson

    Ways to transfer dollars to bank account in US

    I did a search on this and found where people sold their homes and did wire transfers. But I am not selling a home, I am selling various items I purchased while living here. I do not want to carry cash back with me. What is the best way you all have found to transfer dollars from Argentina to...
  2. jbhenson

    Payment methods in Argentina

    Does anyone know how someone can send money to you inside Argentina? Does xoom let someone send money from Argentina to another person in Argentina? What other methods are there?
  3. jbhenson

    Package held at customs

    I recently sent had my step brother send me a package with some parts I bought for my car while I was in states but couldnt fit in my suitcase when returning. The package had nothing really valuable, because I had so many problems previously, the total value was less than 100 dollars, had a...
  4. jbhenson


    we were taking our son to a birthday party today and picked up another child. The boy was saying he was going to a submarine later on, and that his grandmother had been on a submarine too, She had also been to China. My question is, is there another submarine here in Argentina where kids can...
  5. jbhenson

    Shipping package of vitamins

    I have a package of vitamins and a few other small things I want to send to me. The mail system here in La Plata is very bad, any ideas on how I could mail it to me some other way? Po Box, mail to Buenos Aires, I don't mind paying taxes, I just want to get these vitamins for my family. The...
  6. jbhenson

    Silly Question About Credit, And Dni

    What can someone do if you allow them to have a copy of your DNI?
  7. jbhenson

    Dirvers License Changes, What Really Is The Law?

    I got my DNI a couple of months ago. I was told originally I could take my license and change it for an Argentinian license as long as I had my license apostilled. No test nothing. Then I went to the office in La Plata and they said no, I had to take the test because I was pst the 90 days.Well...
  8. jbhenson

    Usa Residency Issues And Dni Question

    I just recieved my DNI. I was recently informed by a friend that any Legal Permant Resident in the USA who is gone longer than 1 year from the USA could face issues when returning to the USA, Dont know to what extent or what paperwork would be required, but thats something I might need to...
  9. jbhenson

    Unlocking Phones- Zte Max Pro Or Others

    Hello all, I was browsing through old posts and found nothing since 2013. My question is this, Does anyone know some phone savy people, or businesses that can unlock a ZTE Zmax Pro and install Andriod 7 on it? I have searched through some of the mercado libre adds for La Plata but no luck...
  10. jbhenson

    I Like Argentina Alot, But Have Questions

    I really like the country the people in general are warm friendly people, some of the best I have met in the world. The country has beautiful landscapes in different parts. I do have a few questions about laws, taxes, because I honestly dont understand things I see on the news and in the...
  11. jbhenson

    Education Or Homeschool Laws Of Expats While In Argentina

    Hello I am curious if someone can point me to the laws so that I might read them. I am and will get my child the best education possible and at one point my child may be home schooled. But my questions is for now, we enrolled our child in a public school, but due to an incident at that school...
  12. jbhenson

    Strange Thing I Saw Today On Autopista? Why Here?

    While driving on the Autopista today, I saw a brand new M1 Abrams tank, my question is why? Why is it here? And if it is here because of the supposed threat, how did they get it here so fast? Its here for training troops is the most logical reason, most likely we will see more in the future...
  13. jbhenson

    Good Doctors-Anyone Know Any Good Surgeons?

    After 2 years of suffering with a hernia I need to get it fixed. I didnt get it fixed before because my wife said doctors here were quacks and she wouldnt help me to find a good one. So I am reaching out to you all to perhaps get a referral for a surgeon somebody else here used. Any help is...
  14. jbhenson

    Recommendations For Insurance

    I have been trying to find insurance here and so far unsuccessful in every aspects of insurance. I had insurance with La Caja for my car for over a year and was paying almost 1300 per month for one car and 900 for another. Last month I had a wreck where a woman talking on the phone didn't...
  15. jbhenson

    I Just Wanted To Say

    To everyone reading this I just wanted to say, thank you, and love you!
  16. jbhenson

    Great Place To Rent?

    I am looking for a great place to rent, anywhere in the BA province. I want to spend anywhere from 750 to 1250 per month, anyone have any ideas as to what the best place i can get for my money?
  17. jbhenson

    Question About Imported Car-Possible Help

    Right at a year ago I brought a car here from the USA. I was told then that I couldn't drive it because my wife brought it back as an Argentinian citizen returning home. My wife doesn't drive and the car has been useless for us but it didn't matter because we had 2 cars. I was in an accident the...
  18. jbhenson

    Programs For Watching Your Computer Usage

    Does anyone know of any good computer programs for watching what your computer is doing?
  19. jbhenson

    I Want To Divorce My Abusive Argentina Wife, But Stay Here!

    My Argentinian wife is extremely abusive and toxic, How can I divorce her, but stay here with my son. I want to get the best education for him as possible but she is constantly abusive and toxic and i no longer want to keep her in my life, nor do i want to see her smacking my sons mouth...
  20. jbhenson

    Robbed In Epuyen, Theives Caught Then Released, Even Though

    We came to Epuyen to find a quite, peaceful place to live, and we have been living the dream here for 6 months. We were recently robbed of our tranquility, peace by 5 men, and others who did the surveillance. then after they were caught we were robbed again of our peace of mind by a Judge who...