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  1. artigas

    Antique Book Stores/ Brokers ?

    I helping a friend sell his classic luxury apartment near the Alvear Hotel. The apartment was bought fully furnished in the classic high quality “baroque” Argentine style and was rented out fully furnished as a European embassy residence for several years. The apartment has a office library...
  2. artigas

    Contractor/ Renovator recommendations?

    I am looking for recommendations for contractors for several home renovation projects, such as kitchen/ bathroom renewal/ replacement, indoor/ outdoor painting, brick facade work and iron fence/ railing installation as well as some minor light construction work (window replacement/ roof repairs)...
  3. artigas

    Dental Implants

    Anybody had a dental implant done recently in BA? How much did it cost? Can anybody recommend a good dentist or clinic?
  4. artigas

    Colegio Nacional De Buenos Aires ?

    We have an opportunity for our son to attend CNBA next year. Anybody had children attend or have attend themselves? Is the CNBA reputation still well regarded in Argentina today? Is CNBA know outside of Aregentina, is it well regarded? Any views on the pros and cons of CNBA compared to the...
  5. artigas

    Broker Recommendations

    I am looking for a competent stock broker or financial institution in Buenos Aires willing and able to work with non-residents. I am looking to initially purchase a property in BA and would like to bring in money via a reverse contrato de liquidacion. I am also potentialy interested in...
  6. artigas


    Can anyone recommend a a good value brand of passenger car tires? Are there any tire replacement shops that you can recommend? Any positive experiences with a chapa & pintura shop in BA?
  7. artigas

    Looking For 6 Month Rental (Jan-June)

    We are a long term expat family of 4 (two boys, sged 12 & 8) resident in Punta del Este, Uruguay. Our children will be attending a semester of school in Recoleta starting January. We are looking for a one to two bedroom flat with three beds within a reasonable commute to Recoleta (cl. Posadas)...
  8. artigas

    Las Puntas Son Argentinas!

    We the oppressed Argentines of Punta del Este call upon President Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner to send in Argentine self defence forces to free us from our Uruguayan oppressors. Our extremist marijuana smoking Uruguayan overlords have even deprived us of our beloved Argentine Pesos and force...
  9. artigas

    February Apartment Rental Wanted

    We, an expat family of 4 (two boys 11 & 7) from Punta del Este, Uruguay are looking to rent or sublet a place in BA for the month of February. Our boys will be attending classes in Recoleta, so anywhere with conveniente transport links will work for us. We are a very contentious family and we...
  10. artigas

    Buying Car As Non-Resident/ Turist?

    Has anyone had recent experience buying and registering a car in Argentina as a non-resident/ turist? What are the practical difficulties in buying and or registering the vehicle? Do you special tax registrations, proof of money origin or other bureaucratic tramites? Any advise would be apreciated.
  11. artigas

    Where To Buy Blue Arg Pesos In Santiago?

    Does anybody know where I can get some ARS for USD at or near the Blue rate in Santiago? I have tried the cambios down town, but the best buy rates are only about 6.8 since they insist on exchanging USD to CLP first and only then into ARS, taking a big bite in commissions on each transaction...
  12. artigas

    Best Route: Ba To Southern Chile?

    Has anyone driven from Buenos Aires to Lake region (Frutillar, Puerto Varas) in Southern Chile? If so, what are the best routes, best border crossings? Is it better to go via Santiago or direct through Neuquen? How long should the trip typically take? Where are the best places to stop\sleep on...
  13. artigas

    stock/ bond broker?

    Can anyone recommend a good stock/ bond broker in BA who works with extranjeros (not permanent residents) ? I would like to do some reverse contado con liquidacion and convert USD into ARS inorder to buy property in Argentina.
  14. artigas

    Bicycles in BA

    Can anyone recommend a good basic all purpose city bicycle to buy? I am about 1.9 meters, so I need a bike with a large sized frame, and I would be happy with basic gearing and breaking. Also any recommendations as to any particular bike shops in BA?