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    Early cab to airport on New Year's Day?

    I have a 5:40 am flight on New Year's Day (I know, it's going to suck) out of the Jorge Newbery Airport and was wondering if it will be difficult to get a cab around 4 am? I have read that cabs and buses don't run on New Year's this true? Any recommendations on the best way to get to...
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    Cheapest way to book airfare in Argentina?

    Hi, Can anyone recommend the best websites to book cheap airfare around Argentina and Latin America? The only decent site I've found so far is, but I've got to imagine that there are cheaper, Spanish-language-only websites. Any suggestions? Also, I'm already aware of the 2-tier...
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    Surge Protector

    Hola, I'm new to BsAs and was wondering if anyone recommends using a surge protector over a non-protected power strip. I've only found one store so far that sells surge protectors and they are WAY more expensive than a regular power strip. Has anyone had any electronics damaged due to...
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    Phone for sale?

    Hi, I just moved here from Chicago a short while ago and was wondering if anyone had a spare cell phone they'd like to sell. Also, can anyone recommend the best cell company to use for a prepaid plan, or are they all equally bad? Thanks!