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    Demystifying american expats rants

    Time to do some ranting on my own!! Woohoo! Ok, I've been in upstate new york for like 4 days but already driven on the I90 (thruway) from Buffalo to Waterloo, back and forth... aswell as nearby roads and avenues. Myth 1: Argentinians drive unsafely. This one I'll divide it in 2: a. city...
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    Question to US expats

    Hey peepz :) I'm traveling to the US (upstate NY) in a couple of weeks (work related) and I was wondering what ELSE could I bring with me as a present for some of my bosses and coworkers over there. The Malbec/Merlot/whatever theme is waaay clichè, but I cannot think of anything besides that...
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    Matilda live on tuesday 8th

    A tecnho-pop band from Rosario is coming to BA tomorrow (Tue 8th) night, invited by the indie cycle "Bullicio" on "Le Bar" Here is a presentation of band in a TV show in Rosario. Also, the local band Abducidos will be...
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    NFL Draft

    Hey guys, Many of you know I'm an argentine NFL fan and the upcoming draft is something worth watching. However, it's not like the event is televised over here (maybe DirecTV, I dont know). The only firm option is internet streaming, but that's not the point of this message. If anyone knows any...
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    Los Daylight

    A band from my hometown Rosario will be rocking this friday. If you like the underground rock scene in Argentina (mostly Rosario and BA) then I can recommend you go and enjoy ;) I'll be there, if anyone wants to join me. Here are the details. Viernes 23 de Abril Acorazado Potemkin + Los...
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    Looking for english conversation groups

    Hey! I'm new here. I work for an american company and would like to improve my english conversational skills, as I have to deal with american clients/managers all the time and I still don't feel confident enough during the meetings (gladly, everyone is nice to me and don't mind at all if I back...