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    Inflation article

    Looks like we aren't the only ones who keep receipts to prove the real cost of inflation. Earning pesos here and trying to get by is getting harder.
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    Any expats voting?

    So, how many expats and residents will vote tomorrow? It should be an interesting ride. I wonder if Argentina will have a count down to vote count like the US.
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    New Jobs to BA my hubby has a company down here because computer engineers are cheaper here than Chicago or New York. Maybe this article is good news for those looking for work. Besides IBM, Microsoft, Sun, VW, Toyota, GMC, etc..Which new company's will outsource down here...
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    How far will the downturn be in Argetina?

    My friends/family from the States keep asking me how Argentina is doing with the recession. I keep telling them we are not having massive layoffs like the States. Since most people use CASH there is not much of a credit issue. I keep them inform on the down turn in commodities and the drought...
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    Good News about Economy

    Just finished reading this article. There seems to be some silver lining. I think with the global crisis that prices still have a long way to fall. I guess the question is, will Argentina cut its spending?
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    Futbal confusion

    I have been reading all the news about Diego Maradona becoming the coach. Why are so many people against this guy? Here is some more drama. Does anyone have a good resource...
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    Non recycling wax places

    Can someone tell me of a place that does not recycle their wax? You get bonus points if it is in Olivos or La Lucila.
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    Before you move-imporant documents

    Here are some suggestions for those of you who will be moving to Argentina. If you are planning on getting a visa or finding work (not necessary cash paid work). There are a couple of things you should bring with you. 1. Apostilled documents of your birth certificate 2. Apostilled documents...
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    My husband and I just moved here from Chicago. We are trying to find some good sushi places. Any recommendations?-K