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    Where can mom get face/tummy tucks when she visits me?

    I know I am just finding this link a bit late, but are you still looking for information? I know a great surgeon here in Buenos Aires who has done a fellowship in the US and operates at the best sanatorio in BA. I would definitely recommend a consultation with him; let me know if you still need...
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    Stuff for sale- chest of drawers, printer

    I have a chest of drawers I am selling because I am moving to a furnished place and don't have space. It has 6 drawers that fit a lot of clothing and is a mahogany wood type color. I only bought it recently so it is very new. I am selling it for 250 pesos. I also have an HP printer that I am...
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    Who's that guy? Holy Cow!

    Hi Pablo, That's exciting about your move! I am from the US and grew up in Miami but my mother is from Argentina and all my relatives live here. If you head to Miami let me know and I can give you advice and information. Also I would definitely be interested in meeting and going out with you...
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    Hi everyone, I am also very interested in meeting up for drinks (and spicy food). I am 22 and a medical student here (Argentine-American but raised in the US). I think any day next week would be great! Danielle
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    Hi, My name is Danielle and I just moved to BA in February. I am Argentine-American and have been coming here my whole life to visit family but this is the first time I am living here long-term. I moved here for medical school. Most of my family lives in the provinces so I would love to make...