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    Milinguero-Style Tango Lessons

    My milonguero partner Ruben Aybar and I teach bilingual private tango lessons in Boedo. We were Championship Finalists in 2006, and have 5-star ratings on TripAdvisor. We do not teach patterns or complicated steps, but the true social tango that is danced in the milongas here--based on the...
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    One bedroom apt. on Corrientes near Junin

    My tanguero friend, Raimundo, rents his comfortable fully-equipped one-bedroom apartment in the back of a building on Corrientes, near Junin. If you are a tanguero, you can walk to the milongas of El Beso, Porteno y Bailarin, El Arranque, and DNI is just next door. You can read more and see...
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    New to Forum, but 5 years in BsAs

    Hi everybody, I'm so glad I found you all! I'm from L.A., moved to Mexico in 2001, and to BsAs in the beginning of 2004. Wow, how time flies! I live in Boedo (in a 2 bedroom rental), and teach tango and do Tango Tours with my Argentine partner, Ruben Aybar. I brought my American cat Phoebe...