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  1. artigas

    Antique Book Stores/ Brokers ?

    I helping a friend sell his classic luxury apartment near the Alvear Hotel. The apartment was bought fully furnished in the classic high quality “baroque” Argentine style and was rented out fully furnished as a European embassy residence for several years. The apartment has a office library...
  2. artigas

    Argentina's history of slavery: should there be reparations?

    Mc Kenna, I applaud your rising consciousness, you have made the first step forward by acknowledging systematic expat privilege (expatism) and asking the right questions, namely how an expat can become an ally to the systematically historically oppressed and marginalised victims of expat...
  3. artigas

    Argentina's history of slavery: should there be reparations?

    Thank you Camel, I fully agree with your point!
  4. artigas

    Argentina's history of slavery: should there be reparations?

    Reparations are an excellent idea, just and fair! It is obvious to any non-racist, thinking human that any Argentine of African or Indigenous decent has been historically oppressed and they and their descendants should be fairly compensated by the Argentine government for the historic pain...
  5. artigas

    Xpats living in Provincia de Cordoba

    Camel, I recently visited La Cumbre, and was very pleasantly surprised. Do you think that La Cumbre/ Los Cocos are a good place to live more permantly ( compared to CABA) or does its charm wear off when you are not there only on holiday. It also appeared to me that whilst real estate was more...
  6. artigas

    Blue Dollar Value Oct/2019

    Anybody know of any "market rate" cuevas in the Belgrano area? My usual go to spots in the Barrio Chino are about 3 to 4 pesos short of the Ambito market rate quote
  7. artigas

    Money Transfer

    Buy a prepaid credit card in Argentina, use it in the UK, and have your kids top it up for you periodically.
  8. artigas

    Contractor/ Renovator recommendations?

    I am looking for recommendations for contractors for several home renovation projects, such as kitchen/ bathroom renewal/ replacement, indoor/ outdoor painting, brick facade work and iron fence/ railing installation as well as some minor light construction work (window replacement/ roof repairs)...
  9. artigas

    Furnished PH in Palermo Hollywood. August to June.

    How many square meters is the PH?
  10. artigas

    Everything gone to hell, again!

    Today we went to exchange $500 for Pesos at a Casa de Cambio in Belgrano. Waiting in a long queue with locals waiting to buy dollars, we offered to exchange our crisp new $100 bills straight from our Uruguayan bank for their torn, tattered Pesos at a mid rate beneficial for both parties. The...
  11. artigas

    Dental Implants

    Anybody had a dental implant done recently in BA? How much did it cost? Can anybody recommend a good dentist or clinic?
  12. artigas

    Removal Of Tariffs On Import Of Computer Products

    "You cannot lower tariffs to cell phones because taking such a decision would benefit Brazil," they added, referring to the strong production of phones that the neighboring country develops in the Industrial Pole of Manaos. Such a resolution could entail a massive importation of telephones from...
  13. artigas

    Lovely 2 Bedrooms Ph Expat Direct Rental Olivos

    Franklin - Thank You for showing us the flat. We ere inspired by your design, you have really created an urban oasis. Even though our family is probably a bit too large for the place, we really liked the location and the access to transport. It would be a perfect place for anyone relocating to...
  14. artigas

    Argie Economics:reduced Sales Increase Prices.constant Rev.

    I make no claims that the previous government(s) were any better economic managers than the current government. I do, however, believe the current government's economic team, full of supposedly neo-liberal American trained MBA's, bankers and industry executives have not put effective economic...
  15. artigas

    Argie Economics:reduced Sales Increase Prices.constant Rev.

    Lets not forget to give credit to the present government´s economics team which has borrowed large amounts of Dollars which have artificially propped up the Peso while leaving much of the old government´s restrictions on imports in place, raising real prices on local goods. Take butter as an...
  16. artigas

    Looking For A Native Russian Teacher

    Banknote I may have a solution for you, I sent you a PM with details.
  17. artigas

    Obama Cuba/buenos Aires....!

    Growing up means living in the real world, and seeing it for what it actually is, not still clinging virtually to Mom's basement and interacting with the world like a snarky teenage gamer.
  18. artigas

    Obama Cuba/buenos Aires....!

    Obama's visit to BA, the perfect storm of American arrogance and Argentine incompetence, the result city wide gridlock and chaos in order to enable some symbolic and insincere public pandering. Macri and Obama should have just met on the golf course in Bariloche and spared Buenos Aires the four...
  19. artigas

    Colegio Nacional De Buenos Aires ?

    Artigas, when you say that you have an opportunity for your son to attend CNBA next year, what exactly do you mean? Because as far as I am concerned, every student who whishes to attend either CNBA, Pellegrini or ILSE needs to attend the "curso de ingreso" the year before and pass exams in Math...
  20. artigas

    Colegio Nacional De Buenos Aires ?

    We have an opportunity for our son to attend CNBA next year. Anybody had children attend or have attend themselves? Is the CNBA reputation still well regarded in Argentina today? Is CNBA know outside of Aregentina, is it well regarded? Any views on the pros and cons of CNBA compared to the...