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    Whatever happened to the Obama sycophants?

    I don't claim to be the most politically interested person, nor the most well informed about current events. However, it's clear to me that whatever Obama has or has not achieved during his time in office with regards to his campaign promises, we must remember that he does not work in a...
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    Day traders in BA?

    Hey there hockey, I've been trading futures for a few months and would love to find some people to talk shop with as well. Feel free to add me to that drinks email. Just for curiosity's sake, are you more fundamental or technical focused?
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    Australia Day

    Well as someone who just arrived in BsAs this morning and is in desperate need of some contacts, this sounds positively brilliant. I confess I'm about as Australian as baseball but I'll make up for my lack of culture with plenty of enthusiasm. Assuming I don't get lost and end up in Uruguay on...
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    How to deal with gun toting youths

    i'm not sure if that was intentional or not, but ahhaa!
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    Internet Providers Which one do you have?

    I'll be moving to BsAs for a few months and will (unfortunately) require one of the 3G internet receivers for my laptop. My landlord has suggested movistar, but I'm not sure whether I should go prepaid or contract. Could the contract be monthly or do they require longer terms? (I will only be...