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    True Blood Books :D

    great, let me know when I can get if off ya, I live 1 min away from museum Malba. I've no rush in buying the book I am still watching season two, CLub Dead correspond to season 3 and the other 2 are season 1 and 2. can you email me your address ? Thanks a lot :)
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    True Blood Books :D

    Hey I would be interested in buying club dead.
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    True Blood Books :D

    How much are you asking for the books and what series/ seasons do these books correspond to?
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    True Blood Books :D

    Hi there people, I am really loving to watch True Blood, and I would love to start reading the books before they broadcast season 3 which is coming out june or july, cant remember. Anyone knows where I can get the books here in B.A? Many thanks
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    Looking for Irish living in BA

    my boyfriend is Irish,and we know anothe 5 irish ppl here right now and they actually live here. most of them play football together!
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    Need a babysitter.

    I got in touch with her after ringing her house, spoke to her sister before and asked please to just having Celina answering my calls which she ignored the whole day, I left voice msgs, txts and even a msg in her house... I think she didn't want to come but also didnt want to say no which...
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    Need a babysitter.

    Philip(Fifilafiloche), I am very unhappy with your recomendation. Thanks for giving me a bitterfeeling about Celina which won't return my calls. She came to my house and met us and even agreed to get paid 20 pesos an hour which I thought that was fine by her and doubled because it is new years...
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    Need a babysitter.

    hey, thanks for replying, no it doesn't have to, I just want that the person looking after maya is loving and caring and really don't mind staying till late while we are out. We'd like to have someone permanently this time, we might even have a fixed schedule just so you can plan other...
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    Need a babysitter.

    Hello everyone, I am looking for a sweet and loving person to look after my 17 month old daughter in the evenings(once or twice a week) late nights more precisely as Portenos like to start it late :) Anyway she will be asleep by the time we go out so all I need is somebody to be there with her...
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    I am looking for a body shaper

    Hey girl/moms I am desperately looking for a great/amazing body shaper! My sister has got one which she swear that has helped her shape her body back to normal, she has just had a baby. As for me I haven't got my body back and it has been a year already, I am not fat tho, I just know that It...
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    reggaeton music

    reggaeton beats are good to shake you butt but in general I wouldn't think there's anything better than whatever exists already.. it's not a type of music you can classify in that way :) but its great to tho if you are looking to dance burn some calories and etc... :)
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    Need a spanish teacher

    My boyfriends teacher is really good and she charges 30 pesos an hour.
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    Expat BBQ this Sunday afternoon (May 24th)

    can myself my boyfriend and our baby come too?
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    Why do expats decide to live outside of their own countries?

    Recoleta Carolina said she doesn't usually sugarcoat her responses... that makes me thinks she must be a pain in the arse to talk to... she must think of herself as a special one for acting like a pain in the hole for everyone that post a msg in here. She should post her msg to somewhere else...
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    Why do expats decide to live outside of their own countries?

    Ok maybe I can tell a short story about me and try to answer your question... I left my parents house at the age of 19( I am now 27) moved to Ireland where I learned English and met people, started working, got my own money and in general became totally Independent! Couple of years later I...
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    Have an itch to play music...

    I like singing if you need a girl? can pretty much sing anything.
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    shopping for shoes

    Calle Cordoba at around 5000 there's loads of outlets shops, check it out.
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    spanish classes for advanced student

    If you already have an advanced level of spanish, then I think paying for classes is just a waste of money reading is the best you can do for yourself, it enriches your vocabulary, and in no time you will find yourself fluent in spanish. Then I would suggest that you to practice with someone...
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    Gym - aires up

    what kinda of classes do they have? do they have yoga? is it extra? thanks
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    couple looking for a one bed apartment

    Hello there, we are looking for a place in BA for 9th of may,600 dollars MAX with all included for minimum 6 months. We would like it to be at least 2 ambientes and decent looking as we have a little baby aswell. if you guys know of anything I would appreciate if you'd let us know. thanks