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    need english teacher for a lady in Belgrano

    hello all... i have a friend that is looking for an english tutor asap.. she is located in Belgrano and is ready to start. she has studied English for a few years but wants to have someone to help her speak... if interested please pm me and i will give you her number.. thanks laura
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    looking for a house cleaner/nanny, if you know someone please let me know.

    hello to all. i am looking for a house cleaner/nanny. three days a week for 3-4 hours a day, if anyone knows someone good or can recommend a good service please let me know. laura:)
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    baby swing

    hello i am looking to buy a baby that is in good shape... if anyone has one and are looking to sell let me know. if you have any other baby stuff or baby clothes for girls i am interested. 6months and up. message me and i will call... thanks laura
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    looking for an english teacher for a friend

    hello to all... I have a friend and she is looking for an English teacher. she has some English but someone with a bit of Spanish would help. if anyone is interested send me a note and then I will send you her number, so you can talk to her directly. thanks. Laura
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    Albasto Thursday 5:00

    hello to all well i guess the meeting place is Aroma in Albasto on thursday @5 pm/.. and then whoever is going to the dinner has time as well..... ARoma is next to the theater and it is low key and comfortable... i will be there and a few other will be too... if anyone else would like to come...
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    wanting to make some girl friends.....

    hello.. my name is Laura and i am now living here with my husband. he is from argentina and i am from Phoenix...I am looking for some girls, to make friends with, go out for coffee, have lunch or to go and explore the city... i have pretty good grasp of the city and of spanish... i like to...