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    Agreed. The book is easier to read on the Kindle. But the convenience of not having to carry around an additional device is a nice perk (+ in addition to saving $). I read 100+ books on the iTouch last year and had no complaints. Just finished Shutter Island on the Blackberry last night...
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    In my experience, the Kindle is the best e-reader. But if you don't have the $ hundreds to spend, the free iPhone app is outstanding substitute. FYI: The Kindle App for Blackberry is finally out! I am a book-a-holic so this made my week. I now read all of my books on the Storm. Brad
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    Need help filing American taxes

    Hi All, My firm, Omega Advisors LLC, will be arriving on 4/17 to help American Expats with their tax returns. Feel free to contact me with any questions! FYI: If you are living abroad on 4/15, then your due date is June 15th. Brad
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    Spanish Class

    Hi All, Anyone have any suggestions for Spanish classes? The ones I have seen look very intense and expensive. For example, the Expanish program sounds like a fun and comprehensive program, but costs $180/week. That's almost as much as my monthly budget in Buenos Aires! Ideally, I am...
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    Filing US taxes

    Hi All, Interesting discussion. The tax nerd in me has to put in my two cents. First, my tax firm will be visiting to prepare offer services to Expats in April. If you are reasonably confident in tax law and in your ability to prepare, then I gree with these posts - Turbo Tax and TaxAct...
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    Cost for Rental Question

    Thanks, Marc. That's a good idea and I will consider it. The only complication is that my cat is joining I already have one crazy young roommate. That eliminates most options for sharing.
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    Cost for Rental Question

    Thanks for your input, Steve! It sounds like Recoleta is the upscale neighborhood. That's not really my priority. The proximity to nightlife and safety are most important to me. Would you recommend Palermo or Barrio Norte? Thank you, everyone. Brad
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    Cost for Rental Question

    Regular long-term. I don't know what a short-term furnished apartment costs. It makes sense - between the lack of guarantor and short-term nature, the price is far from the typical long-term arrangement in BA. Thanks again, Brad
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    Seeking Creative Marketing/Advertising Professional!

    Omega Advisors LLC is tax and financial planning firm that specializes in U.S. Expat Tax Preparation. We are seeking a creative, enthusiastic, and ambitious person to help launch a marketing effort to attract new clients for tax preparation services. The position begins right away and lasts...
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    Cost for Rental Question

    Thanks for all of your advice! To answer your question about Chicago rent, an average studio downtown will run $800 - 1000. Brad
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    Hi Expats! I am arriving in BA the week of April 15th, for two months. The clocks starts ticking then. I would love to hear what a 26-year old single guy should do before his time is up in BA. Sites, bars, restaurants, excursions, volunteering, classes, etc? Thanks all, Brad
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    My Introduction

    Hi Expats, I hope you're all doing well. My name is Brad and I am new to this site. So far, everyone on this site has been incredibly friendly and eager to help. There are so many informed individuals and I have learned a ton. I look forward to hearing more about your experiences...and...
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    Cost for Rental Question

    Greetings Expats, I am a brand new member to the site. I have learned a lot and I appreciate all of your posts! I may have missed this post, but I have a question about rent. According to the Annual UBS World Cost of Living report, the average rent in Buenos Aires is approximately...