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    non or low-chlorine swimming pools?

    Hi Maru, there is a gymnasio in Charcas and Aguero that uses an alternative system - I am not sure what is the name, but 6 months ago they started to make lots of publicity like "no more red eyes, skin alergies etc". I think is a system based on oxygenated water cheers
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    Second call for Diplomacy

    great, guys, how many are we so far? Besides the notes sent by Allan, here is a link with the basic rules explained in several videos. Looking forward to see you on Saturday Cheers, Bogdan
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    Photography exhibitions in BA?

    You have around 30 galeries proposed on this site, some of them are photo galeries. cheers
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    Diplomacy - The Board Game

    So many people playing Diplomacy, that is great. Count me in guys, if needed I can host some games from time to time as well. Cheers, Bogdan
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    looking for a female tango partner

    yep... .
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    New from Germany / Hong Kong

    Hi Alesya, There are different language exchange groups that I know of and some of them take place regularly during the week, where the deal is "my english for your spanish". There is a specific group "german for spanish" as well if you are interested. For the riding thing, when you find out...
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    looking for a female tango partner

    Interesting... we might say that asians get along well with the argentinian asado in exchange for tofu ;) For the height thing itself, I have the feeling that the average height of the people is increasing by generation, but this is just a guess. But when going to a milonga in Bs As, if I see...
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    catholic vs buddist counrties?

    I am afraid you missunderstood me. Yes, all societies are capable of tremendous brutality. Yes, many budhist countries had a past of tremendous violence. Today as well there are a lot of conflicts inside budhist societies and other conflicts wich involve budhists. But was it pure violence? Were...
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    catholic vs buddist counrties?

    Hi Bapak, I find the subject very interesting. I arrived at the same conclusion an year ago after visiting Philipines. I think it has a lot to do with the basis of each of the two religions. On one hand, I see catalocisism preaching the good behaviour; nevertheless, it did many historical...
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    looking for a female tango partner

    Hi portena, I actually don't have any preference in terms of nationality, although practicing my spanish is allways good. I've noticed as well the fact that argentinean people are not so tall, compared to some european countries, or it's maybe just my impression. P.S.: I've finally seen a live...
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    looking for a female tango partner

    Hi Tangobob, thanks for your reply and your advices. I don't have to much trouble in dancing in the milongas in here. Eventhough they are different from European or Asian milongas, as you mentioned, it is easier when you are a man. Now I realize my message wasn't very clear. Besides the...
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    looking for a female tango partner

    Hi there, I just moved out in Bs As the last week and I'm looking for a female tango partner for practice and milongas. Most of the time I like milonguero style, but I don't refuse myself a bit of tango nuevo. My height - 1m87, so I'm looking for somebody who's 1m70+. Any of you girls...