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    Advice On Selling A Car?

    Time has come to say goodbye to my trusty Volkswagen Golf. I bought the car from a friend and he took me through the process, which made things easier. I just want to sell the car, not interested in trading it in. I've talked with some of the "compro auto usado" guys, and they are all offering...
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    Donation Points Across The City

    Useful map of places where donations can be made.
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    Do Drop In Nurseries Exist? Daycare Recommendations?

    Hola! We have a two year old, and think she'd benefit from going to a Jardin. Ideally we'd like a drop in Jardin, somewhere she could got for a few months as opposed to a year long commitment. We live in Las Canitas - anyone have any recommendations? Gracias!
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    Portuguese tutor?

    Looking for a portuguese tutor. Anyone have any recommendations? Gracias! j
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    Has anyone used XOOM before?

    Just saw the ad on the site. They're offering to transfer dollars to argentina (to a bank account or cash pickup), and pay out 5 pesos per dollar sent. Thats about 15% above the official exchange rate, and a much better rate than I get selling dollars informally (currently getting 4.8). This...
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    Translation & legalisation fees?

    Hola Currently going through what will hopefully be the last residency application I'll ever have to submit... Have four documents to translate and legalise - 2 birth certificates and two police records, all apostilled. The quote we got for having the four documents and the apostilles...
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    Buying a car... help.

    Hola a todos 4 years on, I think I'm finally ready to take the plunge and buy a car. Back home 2nd hand cars cost pennies and I wouldn't worry too much about the price. But given that rusting piles of crap cost thousands of dollars - does anyone have any tips on how to buy a reasonably priced...
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    Going rate for english to spanish translation?

    Anyone give me a clue? I have no idea what it costs to translate copy into spanish. Its just website copy, nothing too technical but there's a fair amount of it and I need to figure out a budget for getting it all done. Thanks in advance! J
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    Translating a birth certificate into english

    Hola I need to translate my daughter's argentine birth certificate into english as part of the process to obtain her british passport. Have only ever had things translated into Spanish before, and am unsure of the procedure. Has anyone done this who could tell me about whats required? Will any...
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    monotributo help...

    hi all I'm a little confused by the adhesion process, and don't want to get something wrong... I'm signing up to do some freelance consulting work and will mainly be working from home, so am guessing I'd put the same things as any language teachers or most other professionals providing a...
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    Argentina's Economy: Happy-go-lucky Cristina EARLIER this year, Cristina Fernández de Kirchner (pictured above), Argentina’s president, proffered some advice to European governments facing recession and market panic. Its essence was “stuff the IMF and carry on spending.” It is what...
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    Can I have both a CUIL and a CUIT?

    If i have a CUIL through a work visa, can I have a CUIT as well? Or are the two mutually exclusive... Anyone know if there are any restrictions on people with work visas obtaining a CUIT for paid work outside of their CUIL related work? thousand thankyous
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    Socialism for foes, capitalism for friends

    Thought this made interesting reading....
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    Long term rental agencies - recommendations?

    Hi all My 2 year lease is coming to an end, and we'd like to find somewhere a bit bigger. Looking for unfurnished apartments, and from scouting around the best property seems to be available through rental agencies, who all seem to want a depressing amount of commission (2 months)...
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    import duties in uruguay?

    Hi Does anyone know what the import duties are in uruguay for electronics? Found this... Think I remember reading something about the import duty being much lower in uruguay than argentina, which opens up the prospect of having...
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    getting legal...

    hi all Anyone know a good lawyer who covers residency and company registration? I need to register a company here and be set up to receive local and international payments and provide legit invoices. Also need to get some form of residency set up. Company won't make much money, won't have...
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    Hello sunshine...

    I love the spring here. Blue skies, not too muggy, not too hot and we're only few weeks from the jacarandas springing to life and turning the city purple. For anyone new to buenos aires...
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    Need a cleaner

    Anyone recommend someone good who can do a few hours a week in las canitas area? Thanking you! J
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    argh... visa overstay experience

    Just a quick warning for people overstaying their tourist visas... Got a flight home yesterday, my other half had overstayed by 2 days. We thought about doing the migraciones run, but it all seemed excessive given how cheap and easy paying the fine was supposed to be. Wasn't it 50 pesos until...
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    laser eye surgery?

    Found out that my medical plan covers laser eye surgery (osde 210), had never really given much thought to the procedure because it costs a lot back home. But seeing as its free... Has anyone had the procedure done? Anyone have any recommendations for clinics here? Advice much appreciated.