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    Spanish Class

    Hi All, Anyone have any suggestions for Spanish classes? The ones I have seen look very intense and expensive. For example, the Expanish program sounds like a fun and comprehensive program, but costs $180/week. That's almost as much as my monthly budget in Buenos Aires! Ideally, I am...
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    Seeking Creative Marketing/Advertising Professional!

    Omega Advisors LLC is tax and financial planning firm that specializes in U.S. Expat Tax Preparation. We are seeking a creative, enthusiastic, and ambitious person to help launch a marketing effort to attract new clients for tax preparation services. The position begins right away and lasts...
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    Hi Expats! I am arriving in BA the week of April 15th, for two months. The clocks starts ticking then. I would love to hear what a 26-year old single guy should do before his time is up in BA. Sites, bars, restaurants, excursions, volunteering, classes, etc? Thanks all, Brad
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    My Introduction

    Hi Expats, I hope you're all doing well. My name is Brad and I am new to this site. So far, everyone on this site has been incredibly friendly and eager to help. There are so many informed individuals and I have learned a ton. I look forward to hearing more about your experiences...and...
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    Cost for Rental Question

    Greetings Expats, I am a brand new member to the site. I have learned a lot and I appreciate all of your posts! I may have missed this post, but I have a question about rent. According to the Annual UBS World Cost of Living report, the average rent in Buenos Aires is approximately...