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    Golf anyone ?

    I'm thinking Sunday or Monday at the city course.
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    Bottle Deposits ?

    How does this work? Do all stores do it? I hadn't noticed there was a charge until I included a bottle of beer with just a few items. The 3 peso charge really stuck out. What do you do? Keep the receipt and then go back with the receipt and the bottle to get your 3 pesos back?
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    Bean Bag: Where can I buy the best and biggest one?

    Seriously. Any suggestions? Thanks much. -- Mark
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    Job for English Speaking Candidate

    I frequent this forum and see ex-pats looking for jobs where they can use their English speaking skills. I also work for this company but am not part of the department doing the hiring. Good luck.
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    200 Years Celebration Ideas ?

    Is anyone in tune with what is going on over the next few days to celebrate the country's 200 year birthday? I would like to take in some of the festivities and feel like I experienced something from this important event. But I feel a little out of the loop and thought you all might have some...
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    Technology Meetups ?

    Is anyone aware of any technology groups that get together in BA? Sort of like this forum and the occasional get-togethers but specifically for people who want to discuss technology topics. Thanks.
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    Looking for fellow golfers

    Hello, I'm new to BA. I moved down here in January for a new job. I'm an avid golfer and I think its time I ventured out and started playing. Anyone looking for a partner or a fourth? Let me know. Thanks, -- Mark