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    Will the Economic Crisis in the USA Effect Argentina?

    Pericles - I know this is now a few months on since your post, but, (I am in real estate), and it is clearly evident that Real Estate prices going down here in Buenos Aires (both in Sales and Rentals)
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    Where can i find online SpyWare and Virus Protection... FREE?

    Ryan - AVG 8.5 Free is the best:
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    Obama's new website

    Obama - after his first 50 days in office ... a worse approval rating than George W. Bush had at the same time.
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    Expats not happy, why stay?

    This forum is for all points of view, experiences etc. - both positive and negative; that's what a forum/community is about. Also, this is also great place for people to let of some steam. If you want to try and balance the forum up with some positives - go right ahead, you will be burning...