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    Argentinian immigration

    Well, I'm not a lawyer and certainly not an Argentine immigration lawyer, but I'll give you my opinions regarding your questions. There are several different types of residency visas for Argentina. Which type you need depends on which one(s) you can qualify for. They are: Rentista/Financier...
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    Argentinian immigration

    Don't use ARCA. I've been doing a lot of research over the past few months including reading the laws, speaking with the Consulate, and talking to folks who have done it. I called ARCA to check out their services because my situation is a bit peculiar. They asked me to send 3 documents. I...
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    ** Apartment/Tango Info Sought**

    Your Argentine friends may be able to help you secure a more favorable rate. If they can help you deal directly with landlords and negotiate on your behalf it should help...some. If you go through a real estate or property management company you will pay "gringo" rates, which are significantly...
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    Dating in BA

    Ah, I'm not afraid. When I was in college I found myself competing for the affections of a woman with an Argentine. He was way wealthier than me, had those classic Latin good looks, spoke excellent English, and was a world-class gymnast and law school student. I was an undergrad on an ROTC...
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    Residency & ARCA

    Thanks, but I already knew she would qualify as my spouse for the pensioner's visa. I'm just wondering if she can work or own a business in Argentina if she comes there on that visa.
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    Residency & ARCA

    Can anybody explain IN DETAIL any of the important differences between the various types of resident alien visas? I definitely qualify for the pensioner's visa and, from what I've found in English, for the financier's visa. But what I need to know is if either of these visas would allow my...
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    Any Expats on here living/lived in Bariloche, Esquel, San Martin de Andes, etc. in Patagonia? What about Mendoza? Corrientes? or Cordoba? We're thinking about retiring down there in a year or so and would love to hear from anyone with living experience from the "provinces."
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    Residency & ARCA

    What's a gestor?
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    Researching Buenos Aires - where to live

    My wife is a German artist and we're thinking about moving to BA. San Telmo sounds very interesting to us. We won't have a lot of income at first...about the same as 2 median-income workers in Argentina = 3,000 pesos/mo. Is that right? How would we do in San Telmo on that kind of income...
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    Considering Move to BA

    My wife and I are REALTORS in the US and are considering retiring and moving to BA sometime in the next couple of years. We're in our late 30s. We don't have a lot of retirement income, but it seems to be enough to "get by" on. But my wife, at least, would probably want to work. She's an...