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    Reduced flight schedules and current entry / exit requirements

    i'm flying on united but it didn't appear they had any restrictions on dates when i was searching on their site. or maybe the dates i picked happened to line up with their reduced schedule.
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    Reduced flight schedules and current entry / exit requirements

    is anything published officially for june yet? or is it too unpredictable they're only approving a few weeks at a time?
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    Trying to contol crypto

    reeks of desperation
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    Updated COVID restrictions on circulation

    totally ridiculous move
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    Chinese delegation in Argentina to offer the Air Force, the supersonic aircraft JF-17

    couldn't be a better time for the country to invest in this!
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    Budgeting for raising two children in a small pueblo

    argenhots man, they are a seductive bunch.
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    Budgeting for raising two children in a small pueblo

    what is her answer to this question? she says she isn't buying gucci bags but then what does she say the money goes to?
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    Neighbor's dogs knocked over fence, mauled other neighbor's dog in front of my kid. Can I do anything?

    i dont think there is anything you can or should do the best i can see is trying to pursue some kind of negligence claim for having a shitty fence but this is rural argentina, not the USA. if they had hurt your kid that would be a whole different story. but it didn't (physically anyway)
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    Luxury cars in Buenos Aires

    guy sounds like a real winner of a human being.
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    Americans abroad check your passports ASAP.

    i'm good for a few more years! unfortunately, can't say the same for my US driver's license. first thing on my list to renew when i return.
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    Covid + passenger boards flight with fake certificate

    where did you read this to be fact, that it was caused by the vaccine?
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    Where to find Lagavulin at a reasonable price?

    or buy the half and fill the rest with water, like we used to do as kids when we stole grandpa's whiskey :)
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    Argentina’s Economy Buckles After Leader Puts Politics First

    it's amazing that nobody has the balls to tell kristina no. she must have some real dirty laundry on people to get her way all the time
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    Consumer Protection Agency in Buenos Aires

    oh this is about to get good! :)
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    Luxury cars in Buenos Aires

    more common are BMWs, benzes, and audis. i see the occasional porsche and there is a lambo i see tearing around puerto madero sometimes. puerto madero and nordelta are probably the main places you're likely to see them. but even then it's not a very high concentration.
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    Nomadland Wins Oscar for Best Picture 2021

    i use the app JustWatch to find out what services offer a movie/show. looks like this one is available on hulu to stream. amazon, youtube, google play, apple tv to buy/rent
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    Updated COVID restrictions on circulation

    just goes to show that none of this nonsense really has any basis in fact, nor is it actually going to reduce infections