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    Weekend walks

    Hi, does anyone know if there are weekend walking groups, 1-2 hrs outside of Buenos Aires itself. I used ti live in the London and used to join these was a good way to see gthe country.
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    aerolineas argentinas

    Hi, Has anyone flown with this airline from BA to Sydney?. I have booked and have heard of horrow stories re late or cancelled flights or double bookings?
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    From EZE to SYDNEY

    Hi, I have booked a flight to go to Sydney in Dec....I was told by someone in my office, that I needed to sign some sort of form, because the plane loses communication for 2 hrs whilst it makes it journey over the south pole.....does anyone know anything about this?
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    Pho in BA

    Hello, I have a warm affection with this traditional Vietnamese winner....I have tried it in a few places around the world. Does anyone know where I can find Pho in BA?.
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    Looking for a 2 bedroom apartment to rent

    Hello, I need an apartment to rent long term from the end of Oct onwards (1-2 yrs). Fully furnished and with amenities. Please let me know via. Price could be up to US$1500 per month
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    How to get a work visa - if you don't have a birth certificate

    I am in the process of applying for my work visa, however, I do not have a birth certificate. I am in desperate need of company is using an absolutely incompetent subcontractor to apply for my visa. My circumstances: I was born in Cambodia and entered Australia on a united nations...
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    Work VISA duration

    Hi, I am moving to work in Argentina soon. Does anyone know how long this will take?. I am on an Australian passport. Also, I believe a birth certifcate is required....well, I don't have one. Is this going to be a problem?.
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    Huose or aprtment with garden

    Hello, I am relocating to BA in the next month or so...I am looking for a place with a garden. I like a place that is a little quieter than the bustling city. i am after a 1 or 2 bedroom furnihsed place.