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    Residence for older adult

    Can anyone recommend a resident house (not a nursing home) for an elderly adult? My mother-in-law is now in need of 24/7 medical assistance. Her physical and mental health are getting worse. We would like something in the BA area. Thanks in advance to any recommendations.
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    Legal question

    We have an elderly mother with dementia. We live in US. What legal requirements (doctor's letters, lawyers, neighbors affidavits, etc.) should we acquire in advance before we travel to BA to situate her in an assisted living facility? She is against leaving her home and we cannot relocate...
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    BA newspapers

    I have been trying to access Buenos Aires Herald regarding Wikileaks comments by Sec. of State Clinton on President Cristina and her mental health and every time I attempt this my computer crashes. Also cannot get into the Wikileaks website. Can anyone give me some info on this? Are you able...
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    Can someone let me know what the price of a medium priced Malbec would be in a supermarket these days? I would like to bring some back with me as gifts. Last year we got some decent ones for AR$ 8-10 pesos. Gracias as always.
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    Average cost for dinner

    I am plannning on taking eight of my husband's relatives out for his birthday which incudes me and my husband. Could someone give me an idea of what the cost per person in AR$pesos would be for wine and perhaps a nice steak. I have picked the restaurant Cerveceria Johann on Av. Libertador. I...
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    Hungarian cuisine

    Has anyone eaten at El Nuevo Puente on Ave. Belgrano or Turandot in Palmero? Any comments on the food at either restaurant? Thank you.
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    I cannot remember how to order a bife de lomo or bife de chorizo cooked medium rare/pink.....I am drawing a total blank. Can someone PLEASE help me as I will be in BA in two weeks. Muchas gracias.
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    Using Skype in Argentina

    I want to use Skype in Buenos Aires and want to call an 800 number in the United States. Does anyone know how to do this? Is there a prefix ahead of the 800 number? Thanks bunches.
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    Bus routes

    Hola, I was on the Internet last week (unfortunately, it crashed on me) and noted there was access to bus route information via the cell phone. You put in the starting address and ending address and it would give you the information on what buses to take to get there. I cannot find this site...
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    New Entrance fees for Americans

    I understand there is now an entrance fee of $130US per person which covers a 10 year period? Would I still be paying the exit fee as well when departing? Please list any events taking place from May 7-June 5 as this is when my husband and myself will be visiting relatives in BA. Thanks so...
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    Argentine law

    My elderly parent lives alone in Argentina and I live in the U.S. Do I have any legal responsibility for caring for my parent? Are there any "abandonment laws" in Argentina that would apply since I only visit? Thanking anyone that can answer.
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    Different prices for visitors?

    My husband's cousin in BA told him there is now a city bus tour and that the charge is double for visitors than Argentines. He also said that when you book a trip in BA that visitors are charged a different price than Argentines. Does anyone know of an honest travel agency that does not...
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    Does anyone know of a dermatologist in the Belgrano district who practices laser therapy for spider vein removal? My husband speaks fluent Spanish so it need not be an English speaking dermatologist. Gracias.
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    Does anyone know the cost of an IPod in BA versus U.S? Thanks.
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    My husband and I are considering flying from BA to Cordoba for 3 nights. Any suggestions of inexpensive hotels...we only need a place to sleep since we will be out most of the time? Any suggestions of what we really should see in this short span of time? I read the buses are very good but I...
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    Dinner suggestions

    I am inviting 12-15 of my husband's relatives to dinner in the Belgrano district the beginning of May. Can you reserve tables in advance and preorder the menu? Guests can then order their own choice of drinks. Is there a charge for this? I am looking for a restaurant not too expensive...
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    Any expats?

    Any expats/living/visiting/retired in Argentina like to get together for lunch or dinner sometime in May? My husband and I are visiting for the 2nd time and are staying in the Belgrano district and would like your input as to life in Argentina.
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    Looking for dermatologist

    I was wondering if anyone knows a reputable dermatologist who has knowledge of laser procedures? My husband speaks fluent Spanish so it need not be an English speaking doctor. We will be in Belgrano for three weeks in May. Thank you for any information. Also, does anyone know of any forums...
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    Getting together

    Hello everyone, My husband and I are in BA again for three weeks in May. We would love to get together with some expats for either lunch or dinner. I think we have finally found an apartment in Belgrano off of Avenida Cabildo. Let me know your thoughts.
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    One +two bedroom apartment still needed

    Hola everyone, Our apartment rental did not work out. The people renting liked it so much they are staying longer. We need an apartment near Avenida Cabildo 1-2 bedrooms, not on first floor, with high speed Internet. We need this for May 2- May 24. Any suggestions? I have found several but...