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    Your good is your Spanish?

    if you live in BA , you need much more than just a Spanish Course... in order to survive you also need some cultural bagage and not only "Spanish verbs", and specific Spanish vocabulary. So why not sign up for AMAUTA´s SPANISH FOR EXPAT COURSE? The real world is full of Porteños and by...
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    Volunteer coordinator needed

    Parttime volunteer coordinator needed at AMAUTA Spanish school. We requiere good conversational and written skills in both English and Spanish, interest in and experience with volunteer work, min. 6 months. We offer free Spanish classes and pocketmoney instead, on top of the experience of your...
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    Free Spanish course and Expat Spanish course!

    Join a week of FREE SPANISH GROUP CLASSES at AMAUTA Spanish School, in our gordeous schoolbuilding at the border of Palermo and Belgrano! Don´t miss this unique possiblity for BA expats! and inquire about our unique SPANISH FOR EXPATS, twice a week, intensive enough to improve quickly leaving...
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    nanny needed urgently!

    Help! I need a nanny and I need her now; either ´expat´ or Argentina, for approx. 10 - 15 hrs per week to ´entertain´my kids while we are working (age 1,5 - 5). Please let me know if you know someone!
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    Free spanish classes

    Hola! There are only a few spots left for this month´s at AMAUTA´s FREE Spanish Program. Please contact us NOW to reserve your FREE SPANISH CLASSES at the new AMAUTA SPANISH SCHOOL in Belgrano (Federico Lacroze 2129). Lovely school building with big spacious classrooms, common student room with...
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    AMAUTA SPANISH SCHOOL needs Office manager

    AMAUTA SPANISH SCHOOL starts operating in BUENOS AIRES! We need a multi-capable, multi-talented, multilingual, flexible and enthusiastic OFFICE MANAGER for min. 1,5 - 2 years. high level of Spanish requiered and good knowledge of the city of Buenos Aires and Argentine culture. Please write to...