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    packages from US

    I was wondering if anyone had experience getting packages from the US. My parents shipped me a package (filled mostly with clothes, no electronics or other valuables) about two weeks ago, and I still haven't received it (although I realise it may just take a while to get here.) My Argentine...
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    Roberto Benigni in Buenos Aires

    For all fans of Roberto Benigni (director of Life is Beautiful) or Italophiles, Roberto Benigni will be coming to Buenos Aires on June 17 in his Tutto Dante tour. Here's the link with more information: I plan on going and...
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    advice for an aspiring foodie

    I moved to Buenos Aires almost two months ago to teach English, but I'm considering a change in my career path. I've decided to apply for a Master degree from the University of Gastronomic Sciences in Italy. The actual degree is in Food Culture and Communications and it aims "to provide students...
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    A group of friends and I are trying to plan a weekend trip to the beach. We're all a bit new to Argentina, so if anyone has any advice about where to go it would be appreciated. We would most likely leave early Saturday and come back late Sunday. I know Mar del Plata is an obvious one, but I've...
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    Field hockey

    This may be a longshot, but I thought I would throw it out there just in case. Does anyone know of a field hockey league or is anyone out there interested in playing? I played in college, and haven't really thought about it much until I saw a girl in the street walking with a field hockey stick...
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    Just arrived

    Hi, I'm Julia, 21 years old from the US (Baltimore). I've just arrived in Buenos Aires and plan on staying here for about a year. I'm starting a TEFL certification course next week, but until then plan on exploring the city. If anyone wants to meet up for coffee or a drink, that would be great...