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    At home in Argentina?

    Does anyone on this forum feel Argentina is 'home'? Or someone who is happy to come back after spending some time abroad? Or even someone who feels argentino? Or would like to become one soon? or wouldn't mind settling in Argentina for good? Other than the Argentinos, I mean.
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    A good guy

    I thought this guy has the right attitude and I wanted to share it. So many times I read about people complaining how sh*t Argentina is, yet no one seems to be interested in doing much to change it. Peace!
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    Re: Are Aerolineas Argentinas Planes ex-Areoflot?

    Aerolineas Argentinas has a quite clean safety sheet. The planes they are flying are quite old (depending on the route...most 747 flying to Spain are old, the A340 flying to SYD are quite new) but well kept. No screens, video games, etc (what isn't very least you are sure the pilot...
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    You probably mean Ciudad Evita, which is a huge poor suburban district around BA, on the way from the city to the airport. As far as I know the only thing it shares with Evita is the name.It's usualy on the news because of its high crime rate and social problems. I reckon the story of Evita's...
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    Another Expat - in reverse

    Hola a todos! I am an argentinian who's been living in Germany for some years. Together with my german gf we are planning to move to Mendoza in one or two years. Our idea is to buy a finca near San Rafael...we were there a few months ago and we just love the place. Since it seems that many of...