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    Certificado Único Habilitante para la Circulación

    Hi everyone. Looking for advice/comments. I understand that to take the Tienda Leon bus from Mar del Plata to EZE to catch my flight back to the states (I hope) I am supposed to fill out an online form to request a certificado de circulation for “único habilitante”...
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    Argentina virtual phone number

    Hi - Does anyone have a suggestion for a service that provides a low cost virtual/online Argentina telephone number? Skype, for example, does this for many countries, but not for Argentina. Thanks.
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    Migraciones Asking For Social Security Card?

    Hi everyone, I am wondering if anyone has seen this before, and/or suggestions for proceeding. I just submitted to Migraciones (in Mar del Plata) what should have been ALL the documentation required to initiate the process for permanent residency based on marriage to an Argentinian. However I...