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    True Blood Books :D

    Hi there people, I am really loving to watch True Blood, and I would love to start reading the books before they broadcast season 3 which is coming out june or july, cant remember. Anyone knows where I can get the books here in B.A? Many thanks
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    Need a babysitter.

    Hello everyone, I am looking for a sweet and loving person to look after my 17 month old daughter in the evenings(once or twice a week) late nights more precisely as Portenos like to start it late :) Anyway she will be asleep by the time we go out so all I need is somebody to be there with her...
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    I am looking for a body shaper

    Hey girl/moms I am desperately looking for a great/amazing body shaper! My sister has got one which she swear that has helped her shape her body back to normal, she has just had a baby. As for me I haven't got my body back and it has been a year already, I am not fat tho, I just know that It...
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    couple looking for a one bed apartment

    Hello there, we are looking for a place in BA for 9th of may,600 dollars MAX with all included for minimum 6 months. We would like it to be at least 2 ambientes and decent looking as we have a little baby aswell. if you guys know of anything I would appreciate if you'd let us know. thanks
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    does anybody know of a proper gymnasio for boxing in Buenos Aires?
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    Goat's Milk?

    Does anybody know where I can get Goat's milk?
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    Theather Classes

    Hi there, Does anybody know of any Theater/drama courses in Buenos Aires? It can be either in english or Spanish. I'd appreciate any info you can give. Thanks :)