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    In need of a Brazil Lonely Planet

    Hello, Does anyone have a travel book for Brazil. I'm taking off in two weeks and would love to buy a pre-owned one that isn't too outdated. English or Spanish will work. Thanks!
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    Tips for traveling on Autobus

    Some tips for traveling on bus through Tucuman, Cafayate, Tafi del Valle, Salta and Mendoza. -Choose the cama option ALWAYS. For 10 dollars more you won't suffer from a terrible neck ache the rest of your vacation. -When given a chance to choose a seat it's best to go for the one without a...
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    Anyone in for Iguazu Dec 11-13?

    Hi! I'm looking to make a trip up to Iguazu and was hoping to have some company during the trip. I would ideally like to go with another girl that's around my age (mid twenties). I would take an overnight bus on Thursday to arrive for the weekend and be back by Monday or Tuesday. Thanks for...
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    Mailing Argentine steaks for Christmas?

    Hello, I was brainstorming on what would be the perfect present from Argentina and I thought well, of course, a delicious steak from here. However, I have no idea whether it is a possibility to mail steak. Does anyone know anything about this process?
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    Robbed while traveling- experience & lesson learned

    While walking on a sunny afternoon through La Boca I was mugged by two teenagers (maybe 13 and 17). As I have told this story to my friends and acquaintances I have found that it's really not that uncommon. In realizing this I wish I would have taken the following steps prior and during the...