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    Feedback Cocktail Party

    I had a great time and met wonderful people, as always at the baexpats meeting. However, it was still more of a restaurant/dinner setting as opposed to a bar or party setting I think we aimed for. And yes, a bit more food for the buck. Otherwise, it was great - thank you for planning it!
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    Another newcomer...

    hey Syawla.. i'm always up for discovering the city. feel free to email me at female, 23, originally from Russia, but lived many years in USA. - Valerie
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    Another Californian on the way to BA

    hey what's cooking? BA is awesome.. but i know how it can me stressful at first... i'm F/23, have been here for about 3 months.. feel free to email me where you get here .... cheers, val
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    23F looking for a roommate

    Hello, 23yr old female, originally Russian, just moved to BA from New York. Looking for a roommate and an apparment to live with for about 5 months. Anybody interested? Ciao, Val
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    Russian New Yorker moving to BA!

    Hey Chris, Thanks for responding! Your appt looks great! I was lookin for something a bit cheaper than $600, but I could definitely share it with another girl. Let me know if you know of one... Talk soon, Valerie
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    Russian New Yorker moving to BA!

    Hello Hello, Russian born, salsa-dancing New Yorker moving to BA for 5-6 months! Would be happy to meet Russians, expats, portenos.. anyone ! Also looking for an appt or a room .... Ciao, Valeria