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    Great language course and city tour

    When we arrived in Buenos Aires, we took a great language course called Espanol 4D. This is a four-day course that links Spanish language instruction with city tours of different parts of Buenos Aires. Every day, our professor took us on amazing field trips and...
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    Terrific babysitter!

    Need a responsible, affordable babysitter? We have been living in Buenos Aires since February and absolutely love the woman who takes care of our 7-year-old. Her name is Maria Mulhall and she's Argentine but speaks excellent English. She was not only super responsible (never, ever late) but...
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    Anyone interested in group Spanish class?

    We just moved here and are looking for a beginners Spanish class taught near Palermo. We found this recommended school around the corner from us called IntoWords ( where they charge $80/week for a group that meets 10 hours a week. The problem is, we need a group...
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    Club de Amigos for kids

    Hi, we were thinking about enrolling our 7 year old son into Club de Amigos. Has anyone had experience with these sports clubs and can give us some information? Thanks! Gordon
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    Anyone know a good babysitter?

    We just moved to BA from California for a five month stay. We have a 7 year old son and are looking for a responsible babysitter so we can go out and see what this place is like at night. Can anyone recommend a good babysitter (Spanish or English speaking)? Gordon