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    Trying to sell a new Macbook Pro for anyone looking!

    ok....i's not fun to do this anymore. I'll just go back to watching youtube. sorry for spoiling y'all evening
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    Trying to sell a new Macbook Pro for anyone looking!

    it is silly...but it's fun init?. I've been waiting all night for someone to bite. Sad isn't it. Who wants to bite next....the mac is shit...why would anyone want to buy it?.
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    Trying to sell a new Macbook Pro for anyone looking!

    if you buy a pair of jeans and keep it at home for 2 months, then it's old. Technology moving as fast as it is, anything 1-2 months is old.
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    Yellow Fever vaccination

    I've had my YF vaccination today at the clinic on Ingeniero Huergo 690 (corner of Huergo y Chile). Clinic opening hours 10:00-15:00 It's free, very quick and as mentioned by others before you just need to bring your passport. The certificate they give you is in English and Spanish
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    Beware Robbery Attempts at Galleria Pacifico

    #13 (permalink) Today, 07:11 PM HenryNisental Hi HenryNisento - what is your information based on?. Many of the other posts in this forum suggests otherwise
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    best way to post credit card from UK?

    if the UK bank has a branch in Argentina, such as HSBC, you can sask them to send to the bank and you pick it up from there. That is what I did.
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    Hi all, considering moving from Australia.

    Hi TMWNN, If you want to know more, email me...i recently made the move and can try to help.
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    trying to open a bank account, help!!!

    Hi cat1976, Its valid till 2029. no, its not a is valid for the next 20yrs.
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    trying to open a bank account, help!!!

    Hi Kirst, The HSBC branch is the big international one in 201 Florida. The contact is Valaria Mambrilla
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    trying to open a bank account, help!!!

    Hi, I came fro the UK and opened a bank account with HSBC. In fact, they ended up openeing 4 accounts for me and ended up cancelling the other three. All I needed to provide was a copy of lease agreement, passport and a utlity bill (which was under the landlord's name). I am with HSBC Premier
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    Weekend walks

    Hi, does anyone know if there are weekend walking groups, 1-2 hrs outside of Buenos Aires itself. I used ti live in the London and used to join these was a good way to see gthe country.
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    English Book exchange & soiree this Sunday 5th- 8pm

    hi, my email is
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    entering Argentina without a return ticket

    it might be a bit hard to leave australia by bus.
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    English Book exchange & soiree this Sunday 5th- 8pm

    hi, I am interested...I am also in Las Canitas
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    aerolineas argentinas

    Thanks for your replies guys....I am going to see if I can find another airline.
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    aerolineas argentinas

    Hi, Has anyone flown with this airline from BA to Sydney?. I have booked and have heard of horrow stories re late or cancelled flights or double bookings?
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    any older expats out there

    let me know...i would love to meet up. I lived in london for 2 1/2 yrs....38yrs old.
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    Anybody visited Benihana yet?

    we went to bi was quite good. not quite as good as what i experienced in sydney....but good enough.
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    From EZE to SYDNEY

    Hi, I have booked a flight to go to Sydney in Dec....I was told by someone in my office, that I needed to sign some sort of form, because the plane loses communication for 2 hrs whilst it makes it journey over the south pole.....does anyone know anything about this?
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    Pho in BA

    thanks for that RWS...I just emailed them.