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    U.s. Embassy Event Report

    Yesterday the U.S. Embassy (Argentina branch) held an event at the Hard Rock Cafe in Recoleta. It was held between 530 and 830. Since I didn't arrive until 7 15, can't attest to what took place before I got there. There were about 150 people in a very attractive room. Most of the men (not I)...
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    Going To Arte Ba, This Weekend ?

    Be prepared for a big disappointment I went, yesterday. IMHO, it was horrible.
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    French Food Lovers Take Note

    Today and tomorrow there is a French Market at the Hipodromo on el Libertador in Palermo. Many of BA's French restaurants are being represented. Why would the French and the Mexicans have similar happenings on the same day (saturday)? That's a great question.
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    What'$ Happening In Bueno$ Aire$ ?

    Not too long ago, I was under the impression that everything was coming up roses with the BA economy. Didn't we read on this forum that someone said that the exchange rate would be $20. to US$1.00. Yesterday, I got $14.20 to US$1.00 Inflation is 40%. Mayb the name of this country should be...
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    Credit Cards

    About 2 years ago, when was paying for something with my U.S. bank credit card in a store in Madrid, Spain the cashier asked me if I'd like to be charged in Euros or U.S. dollars? I had never been asked that before or since. Last year, in another European city I asked for my purchase to be...
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    It's Back, It's Back !!

    Perhaps some of you can remember my whining, about a week ago, about my not being able to find Activa yogurt. Wow it's back in the markets !!!
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    Activa Yogurt

    It looks as if Activa yogurt can be added to the list of supermarket products and brands that are no long available. I went to buy some, this morning, and was unable to find if in any stores. I'm sure that many of their loyal customers will be very disappointed.
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    Ba Vs The World

    I've been checking a website that compares the cost of living between different cities of the World. Not surprising, Buenos Aires seems to be a more expensive city in which to live, than a great many cities. In 2 catagories Buenos Aires is much less expensive than most. Public transportation -...
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    Larger Sized Shoes

    A woman from the Welsh deligation, at a recent Coffee Chat mentioned that she had difficulty finding larger sized shoes. I passed a store at Montevideo 1051, between Santa Fe and M.T. Alvear., that might come to her rescue. I don't know the name of this store and have no financial interest in...
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    April 1St

    Do Argentines play April Fools jokes ?
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    Look What Happened To Jose De San Martin

    This genteleman's face is on both the old and new $5.00 bill. On the old bill he looks fine and the bill looks classy. His picture on the new bill is horrible. They chopped off part of his head Also IMO the bill looks like somethng that a store would issue as a discount for a future purchase...
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    And The Winner Is..............

    Ladies and gentlemen, it's a tie. This morning, I saw that Carrefour on Vincent Lopez was charging $3.90 a kilo for tomatoes. Few if any looked edible. I checked to see the price of tomatoes is in Singapore, which is now considered the most expensive city in which to live. The price was the same...
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    Until a few days ago, the BA Herald published both the official and the "blue" rates of exchange for the U.S. dollar and the Euro. They don't seem to be doing this any longer. Is there another source to get this information? The 2 big papers here don't seem to publish this.
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    Snl On Cablevision

    Does anyone know which channel Cablevision folks can watch SNL? I think that it's on at 01:45 Sunday morning???
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    Show Me The Money

    According to today's (19 Dec) BA Herald online the exchange rates are: Official rate US$1.00 = $13.30 Arg Pesos Blue rate US$1.00 = $14.05 Arg Pesos Now what?
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    And The Winner Is.................

    Thoughts from a simple mind. I know little about Argentina politics. It is my understanding that The National Sovereignty Day holiday was originally scheduled to be celebrated on 23 November. But, because the Presidential election will take place on the 22nd, the holiday was rescheduled to...
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    Cofee Chats

    Are Coffee Chats a thing of the past?
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    Financial Question

    Is it possible for someone to open a bank account in BA?. The account would only be used as a debit account to pay utility bills. I do not have a DNI. If there is a bank that meets my needs, the location doesn't really matter. I have a bicycle and can travel.
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    Where Should We Go?

    It seems that Coffee Chat, that fantastic Thursday afternoon group of expats and their admirers is in a rut. In the past, our feared and fearless leader. GMXam led us to great coffee shops all around the town and beyond. Now we seem to be left high and dry. (We all hope that GMXam is high and...
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    Tv Question

    I'm wondering if we get The David Letterman Show" in BA? I (almost) never watch tv, but since tonight is his last show, I think that it might be fun to watch. If we get it here, what time and channel? I have Cablevision.