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    lawyer advice

    Hi there, Ive been living in bs as for a little while n had a brief relationship with an argy guy. We got an apt together that was rented by him and in his name, I agreed to share it. Then things were going horribly n I decided to go back to my country. I offered to pay 1/2 of the rent for 2...
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    good gym in palrmo

    hi there im desperately looking for a good gym in the palermo area ( soho or hollywood) I already know megatlon but thats too faraway Any suggestion?? been at sports club, always and few other places but they look pretty grim and the machines are probably from the 70 s :eek: thanx
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    lifestyle coach

    As a vegetarian with food intolerances, past food and body image issues, I have become my own guinea pig and my best client. Being a foodie to boot, has led me to become a self-proclaimed creative food science geek. I adore re-working a recipe so selfishly . In my quest for perfect health and...
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    looking for a 2 bdr apt in Recoleta

    Hi , Im relocatng to BA so Im looking for a 2 bdrs apartment in recoleta, btw Liertador and Guido and Posada and Callao. Does anybody know a good way to skyp the real estate agency ? thanx