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    Wedding Photographer in Buenos Aires?

    I am looking for a wedding photographer in BA. It's for a wedding in Uruguay, however, the photographers out there seem to have really old equipment and terribly old style... so I am looking for someone in Buenos Aires that has modern equipment and is super style-y and professional and is...
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    In need of Intensive Spanish classes

    If you want to be sure of a good teacher with experience, you can check out Spanish schools here as they often offer both group and private classes. At least this way you can be sure of the teacher. I have had a few teachers here that i was not very impressed with, and that besides speaking...
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    HELP! I have 72 hrs..

    They actually do sell it to you in Farmacity without prescription. I think at any pharmacy they will as well. Remember, that if you get sick after taking it, and throw up, you HAVE to take another one immmeditaly.
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    Marketing/Sales/PR Jobs in Buenos Aires

    Like many of us expats, i am interested in working in sales/marketing (not online), preferably freelance in Buenos Aires. I am great at speaking with people and selling. Love customer interaction. I have a knack for creativy and love the marketing/advertising/PR world. I do not want to sit...
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    Wanted: Spanish classes in las Canitas

    Hello, I am looking for a private Spanish teacher who could give me Spanish classes in Las Canitas. It would be for the evenings, once or twice a week. I am an advanced speaker, but still miss a few of the tricky parts of the Spanish language. Let me know. thanks!
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    Learning the Spanish Language. Where to start?

    Best Spanish school by far! ViaSpanish Great school, great teachers, great people, activities, workshops, excursions, and great prices!!! HIghly recommended!
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    Looking for apt, Feb-June

    Hey lindsey, we are renting out a bedroom in our apartment in Las Canitas, a small and very trendy neighborhood in Palermo! Here is the link to craigslist where there info and photos (ignore the dates). >> Let me know if you would like...
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    Room for rent in Las Canitas!

    Renting out the second room in a two bedroom apartment in Las Canitas. The apartment has a big living room with sofa, table, tv, dvd player, stereo's, and wi-fi; the spacious balcony overlooks the street; dining room with table for 6; big kitchen, fully furnished including a washing machine...
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    Ibero TEFL certificate program

    I have heard so many things about IBERO TEFL, and not one good. I honestly do not recommend anyone to take their course. They are the only school in Buenos Aires that offers their TEFL program for so cheap and there is a reason for that!! - I spoke with a girl a few months ago who was horrified...
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    The BEST BA blog!

    Check out this blog: Information about Spanish School, Living in Buenos Aires, Events, etc... Expanish Blog
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    Expired Tourist Visa

    Thanks for all the tips - that makes me feel much more at ease with my departure and return :) One more thing... to get a little in detail.... are we talking an hour wait for immigrations/banks, etc... or are we talking i should show up four hours before?? thanks!
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    Expired Tourist Visa

    Just wondering if anyone has anything to say about the subject... I have been in Buenos Aires for more than 2 years, on a tourist visa, and have left and/or gone to immigrations every time i had to renew my visa. My visa expired in September/09 and i was unable to go to immigrations as i was...
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    Spanish Classes

    I went to a school called Expanish in downtown Buenos Aires. I was super happy with the classes, activities, etc, and made a lot of friends there! Plus, I had been to a few other schools in the city, and this one is the best that i have been to! Its well priced too. the website is...
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    How to get USD for rent without fees?

    If you take your passport and debit card into a bank, you can take out as much money as you like, and paying only one small fee. This works, i rent a room in buenos aires, and this is how are renters pay us. Passport and debit card! thats it :)
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    Hoping to Make Some Female Friends

    Ryoga: There are a lot of foreigners living in Buenos Aires and i dont think it is fair to say that Palermo is "yanquivil". If you are living in San Telmo, you must be aware of the thousands of foreigners that are strolling the streets day and night, no? In fact, it may be the most popular...
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    I certainly do appreciate all the comments, but i must say i really was joking about the marriage thing. Nor am i having a child here. Sorry if I directed the question in the wrong way! I would like to live here on something more stable than a tourist visa ~ any advice towards that would help...
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    I have been living here for almost two years on a tourist visa. I have a fulltime job, however at a company that will not give me a work visa as of right now. I am so tired of renewing my tourist visa, worrying about IF i can continue to renew it, not being able to have a bank account etc. I...
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    Where are the Canadians...?

    I am Canadian tooo! Living in Buenos Aires long term! Perhaps there should be a reunion...
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    where to play tennis?

    There are a lot of courts throughout the city. If you go here, , you can find a list of courts for tennis, squash, paddle, etc. They usually charge around 45-70 pesos per hour. But if you share it with...
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    Long term friends?

    Hi, I am also living in Buenos Aires for longterm, have been here for almost 2 years and see at least another 2 years in the future or more. I live here with my Argentine boyfriend, but am orginally from Canada, female, 26 years old. Love to do something with the rest of the girls here!