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    Lisbon Vs Buenos Aires

    Hi Everyone, With Buenos Aires rapidly becoming more and more expensive i've been looking at other desirable cities that are more affordable with a similar lifestyle. I've been drawn to Portugal, ignoring the obvious language differences i'm trying to weigh up the reasons for staying in Buenos...
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    How To Bring In Dollars And Exchange For Pesos

    Hi everyone, I need to bring in about $3000 dollars a month to live on, thats what I feel I need to live on comfortably with the ever increasing cost of the city. There must be other expats in Buenos aires who transfer dollars for pesos, how is it possible at the moment other than trips to...
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    3 Strikes Your Out.

    Customs officer told me that if you pay the overstay fine 3 times then your not allowed back into Argentina. I've got three overstay fines on my passport, the customs officer would not give me 90 day visa and told me to get the DNI or Tramit. So he let me into the country but did not stamp my...
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    Silverlight Wpf Developer

    Looking for experienced silverlight or wpf developer, for full time position, working for a fantastic company $3000 montly.
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    Personal Fest 2012 Tickets For Sale

    Three tickets to personal fest 2012 for sale. Two tickets for Day 1 and 1 ticket for Day 2. Price for each ticket 300 pesos or best offer. Thanks
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    Black Market Rate Where?

    Is there somewhere I can see the black market rate for Euro's and Pounds? Thanks
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    Argentine Email

    Hi, I'm looking for Spanish lessons three times a week 10am. Would you be available? Thanks --------------------------------------------------------------------- Hi, How are you? Thanks for writing. Where you from? Ever studied Spanish? In this moment, I have available Mondays, Wednesdays...
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    How A Big Mac Can Hide Inflation

    Argentina’s booming economy has been one of the few bright lights in an otherwise gloomy global financial picture the last few years. But inflation up to 25 percent threatens that growth. That’s one of the world’s highest inflation rates. The Argentine government insists the number is much...
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    Inflation downplayed as Argentina recovers

    Despite analyst warnings of lack of foreign investment, shrinking reserves, capital flight and soaring inflation, President Kirchner continues to tout what she calls the "Argentine model" and she thinks other countries should follow its lead. "There must be something really weird about...
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    Argentina Inflation Expectations Steady At 25% In July - UTDT

    Argentina Inflation Expectations Steady At 25% In July - UTDT BUENOS AIRES -(Dow Jones)- Argentina's 12-month inflation expectations were unchanged for a fifth straight month in July, according to a closely-watched survey published by the Torcuato Di Tella University. The university, known as...
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    Compare prices in with BA and ....

    Nice site not sure how realistic the data is.
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    Female Incinerations in Argentina

    The passing of Verónica Viviana Medina, who died last Thursday from burn wounds, is part of Argentina’s troubling trend of female deaths after being lit on fire by their partners. Since February 2010, 14 women have been murdered through such extreme acts of domestic violence. Ms. Medina, 32...
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    Job Offer

    I've been offered a job in Buenos airies, salarly is 1500 USD a month. Will this be enough money to have a decent standard of living? And how much will I be able to save after rent food etc Thanks