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    There´s a New Kid in Town

    Hey Katie That sound´s great! I am not sure if I am mixed up on dates but I think from another post that you are planning on having this little get together tonight! I am free from about 8.30 and would love to come along to meet you guys. Are you still planning something for tonight...
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    Hey I would love to come along and meet everyone too. Best, Nick
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    New Guy Looking for Advice on Life in BA

    Hey Meta998 I am new to BA too. I am also 31 years old and a lawyer! Would be interested to know what kind of work you have been doing/will be doing here in BA. Will you be working as a lawyer? Still trying to get used to this city but would be up for grabbing a beer sometime. Best N
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    Hey Eden Tree I am a fellow resident of San Telmo too. How do you like living in San Telmo. Your thesis sounds interesting (I used to be an art historian). What a luxury to come to BA to write up! I have been exploring the local cafes in ST and would be happy to meet up for a coffee...
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    Evening Classes

    Hey Was just wondering if anyone knew anything about evening classes for Spanish language tuition? I am currently doing a 4 week Spanish Course at CUI but as from next month I won´t be able to do classes during the day and so was hoping that there might be some group classes which are...
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    There´s a New Kid in Town

    Hey Everyone! I thought I would just say hi... I am a 31 year old English guy who has just arrived in BA from London three weeks ago. Back home, I am a lawyer and I am here to do a six month internship in an Argentine law firm. I am doing some intensive Spanish classes at the moment but I...