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    Spanish tutor for 7 year old

    You could contact Verbum Spanish school . They offer Spanihs classes for children.
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    i need to learn spanish!!

    Hi, I think that it is a good idea to join English-Spanish exchanges groups. You practice Spanish for free and, at the same time, have the opportunity to meet people (foreigners and locals). Regarding group classes, I reccommend you to check Verbum Spanish school They are close to Palermo...
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    Guitar lessons???

    Hi, here the contact information of a very good teacher (from Argentina, but she also speaks English): Laura She loves music and most of her friends are musicians.
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    Needed: Spanish Tutor

    Check Verbum School. They offer affordable and very good one-on-one lessons.
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    Intermediate Spanish Class

    Hi, contact Verbum school They offer classes once or twice a week in group.
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    Group Spanish class approx 10 hours/week?

    Verbum school offers a regular course (10 hours a week, in group).
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    So my tourist visa expired...

    Hi, a friend of mine paid a fine of U$S 50 when he leaves the country and no problem. But since you are in the process of getting a work visa, I think that you should find out in Migraciones office (go with a book and with patience...)
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    Anyone interested in group Spanish class?

    Hi, Verbum school also offers 10 hours of tuition a week (the regular course) and is very close to Palermo. Check their website
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    Spanish tutor - recommendations?

    Hi, I reccommend you Verbum school It is located close to Palermo and teachers are very good. One-on-one lessons costs U$S 15 an hour and you can meet the teacher at the school, at your place or at a café.
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    Looking for spanish school or classes

    Hi, Visit They offer courses for all levels, in small groups and prices are affordable.
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    Spanish school in Buenos Aires

    We are a people - oriented school specialized in Spanish for foreigners. We offer a wide range of Spanish courses to suit your needs and interests and they all offer excellent value for money. We offer regular, intensive and super intensive Spanish courses, private tuition and Spanish for...