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    Second Story Buenos Aires

    Sunday, April 6th. @Sr.Duncans English Storytelling in Buenos Aires. At 20 pesos a head, after I pay costs, trust me, I don't do it for profit.
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    Lesbian looking for other lesbians dating argentines to compare notes.

    Sometimes, I wonder if I am going crazy. Are the cultural rules of dating really this different or is it just me? Was wondering if others are running to complications due to "culture" or is it just me? Note: I am seeing a therapist but she is porteña and the behaviors are "normal" according...
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    Shipping large item to the US.

    What is the most reliable and cost effective method to ship furniture from Buenos Aires to the United States? The furniture (dining room table and chairs) was purchased in Bs.As. for personal use. Thanks
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    Anybody have an old PC for free or cheap?

    My requirements for the PC: Needs to run xp and not crash. Other than that I don’t really care. Processor can be a snail. Ram can be cheese . Hard-drive can be a tin and magnetic needle. Or needn't have all its parts for that matter. Much appreciated. Thanks