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    Newly arrived in BsAs

    If you ate white polenta then you have grits, its grounded white or yellow corn, not much difference
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    What do you need ?

    Nestcafe tasters choice coffee, german bread that is not hausbrod, and if you know, american yellow cheese, by craft thanks
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    Racism in BA, am I alone?

    Racism is the son of ignorance and the grandson of violence, best way to avoid it is to now allow your heart to hear it.
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    Racism in BA, am I alone?

    Argentineans play the i am not racist game, but they are racist withen themselves.... negro de mierda, villero de mierda, ecuatoriano indio, peruano cholo machupichu, colambiano traquetero, boliviano bolita, yanqui puto, paraguayo cabeza etc..... this is not the US where racist kill you, but...
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    What is the secret?

    Brooo, do you know the meaning of dialects?? ever been in New York? or northwest Alabama subberbs?? trying catching a word there....
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    Wendy's is back...

    I just hope Wendy's does a better job than Subways in Argentina
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    The Dark side of Dubai

    I think Dubai won't care if you don't set foot there...... its there culture, did you know that you need a visa to get there? and did you know they don't allow jews? did you know they hate americans? forget them......
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    Maintaining Language & Culture in a Multicultural Family

    I really don't know what you are worrying about..... at home you should and she should speak your native language, at school and in Argentina she will speak what she is suppose to speak. my parents are Argentinean and I was born in the US, I spoke spanish with mom and dad at home and English...
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    Travelling by plane in Argentina without Visa

    what Visa are your talking about? did you need to get a visa to come over here? or are you talking about the 130 usd one time visa you paid at the airport, anyhow, no, you don't need a visa, have fun!!
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    Celebrating the New Year 2012

    just go to palermo and you'll find all your need, all day all night johnny
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    I use a student paypal visa card and works fine at every ATM, you might have a problem with your card, contact your bank
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    Restaurant advice in MVD

    GO TO " EL MERCADO DEL PUERTO " dont miss it
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    Banks. Has anyone else heard this?

    5) reason why such a rumour won't happen that easy
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    Banks. Has anyone else heard this?

    same laws apply for today, its contemporary history, does not matter how old I was, my dad delt with the problem and its like that still today... Steve, get off my back.. wtf is your problem? jerk, you dont see me talking about you all the fucken time... you wanna suck my dick? won't happen.....
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    Banks. Has anyone else heard this?

    and? then don't put your money in Argentina
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    Argentine passport holders: a question about US visas

    My dad applied for a new Arg passport without being expired (was still good for 2 more months) he kept his old passport and was given a new one, the old passport now expired is in his posession, useless.. not even voided In order to travel to the US all airline companies know the rule, you...
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    Peruvian restaurants

    just like if you were in peru bring cash and smoke one before you come, be ready to eat bc it's fantastico
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    Banks. Has anyone else heard this?

    point 1, they can't confiscate money without a court order, point 2, banks are corporations not a Gov entity, you might not be able to have movements in your accounts and they might be frozen until you take all your money out point 3, your money is allways yours, you can always get it back...
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    Argentine passport holders: a question about US visas

    take no doubts contact the embassy APPOINTMENTS: to obtain or renew a U.S. passport, a consular report of birth or for a notarial service you need to schedule an appointment. Appointments should be requested through our website at:
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    what's the deal with $USD in argentina?

    Hi, I own a motocross accessories shop and I always need to buy US dolars, I'll buy your dolars here in Argentina with pesos at .30 centavos over the oficial exchange rate, we can meet at my shop in Belgrano R, or you can deposit US dolars in my Bank of America account in the US...