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    Wedding Photographer in Buenos Aires?

    I am looking for a wedding photographer in BA. It's for a wedding in Uruguay, however, the photographers out there seem to have really old equipment and terribly old style... so I am looking for someone in Buenos Aires that has modern equipment and is super style-y and professional and is...
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    Marketing/Sales/PR Jobs in Buenos Aires

    Like many of us expats, i am interested in working in sales/marketing (not online), preferably freelance in Buenos Aires. I am great at speaking with people and selling. Love customer interaction. I have a knack for creativy and love the marketing/advertising/PR world. I do not want to sit...
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    Wanted: Spanish classes in las Canitas

    Hello, I am looking for a private Spanish teacher who could give me Spanish classes in Las Canitas. It would be for the evenings, once or twice a week. I am an advanced speaker, but still miss a few of the tricky parts of the Spanish language. Let me know. thanks!
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    Room for rent in Las Canitas!

    Renting out the second room in a two bedroom apartment in Las Canitas. The apartment has a big living room with sofa, table, tv, dvd player, stereo's, and wi-fi; the spacious balcony overlooks the street; dining room with table for 6; big kitchen, fully furnished including a washing machine...
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    Expired Tourist Visa

    Just wondering if anyone has anything to say about the subject... I have been in Buenos Aires for more than 2 years, on a tourist visa, and have left and/or gone to immigrations every time i had to renew my visa. My visa expired in September/09 and i was unable to go to immigrations as i was...
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    I have been living here for almost two years on a tourist visa. I have a fulltime job, however at a company that will not give me a work visa as of right now. I am so tired of renewing my tourist visa, worrying about IF i can continue to renew it, not being able to have a bank account etc. I...
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    Meeting People

    Hi, I am looking to meet more people in Buenos Aires. Most foreigners come and go so quickly and I myself am staying here. I am a 26 year old female, i live here with my Argentine boyfriend. If anyone is interested in a drink or a coffee, let me know! saludos!
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    Canada Day!

    I am a Canadian living in Buenos Aires and would like to know if anyone knows of anything going on for Canada Day? After more than a year and a half here I actually feel the need to celebrate it!! Saludos
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    Foreigners in Buenos Aires :)

    I am from Canada and have been living in Buenos Aires for almost a year and a half. I am working and studying here, live in beautiful Las Canitas with my Argie boyfriend and have plans to stay for the near future. I am looking to meet some new people who have plans to stay here for a little...