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    How can we improve Argentina?

    There is a fundraiser for the Britanico Hospital which is a local Hospital in Buenos Aires. They treat everyone and foreigner are always welcome. I met with their Board of Directors they are sincere about there commitment. So if you would like to help here is there website about the Event...
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    Has anyone had to renew there Police Report here

    My Ministry of Justice report expires before I can get my FBI report back. Has anyone had to renew there report with th Ministry of Justice is there a easy way other then reapplying. Is it possible for them just to pull up your report and renew it for another 90 days. Thank Gary
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    DNI Turno

    I was just there last month and was missing my FBI fingerprint report applying for a Tunos. You need two copies of everything I got another appointment for the 19 but my FBI fingerprint card was rejected not clear enough have to get another and send it back again. This also make my other...
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    ATM Citi Bank Florida gives problems

    If you are worried about your card being eaten then use HSB bank ATM. They let you swipe do not keep the card. The only problem you have to swipe for each transaction. I usually get 600 pesos x3. I found out my bank in the US only let me take 500 US per day on my ATM. I have had not problem but...
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    Residency/Visa Agencies?

    I also am getting a DNI and just had a daughter here in Argentina. My first question is does your daughter have there DNI. I have been working with a person in immigration and you have to go thru everything just like everyone else. Here is a list of Document you need. You alway need the orginals...
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    Update on my DNI progress

    Well here is a update I saw my file today and there is a letter for a DNI. There is a catch my file is not complete I need my finger print card and record before I can get the letter. The service say up till a couple months ago that the process was not being followed in all cases. As been posted...
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    fast residency leading to naturalization ?

    How much does ARCA cost for residency. I have had dealing with international living in Belize and found that there information is unreliable. They are just a high price marketing company that over charges for there services. When I was in Belize I went to one of there conferences and they also...
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    Immigration office in Buenos Aires

    I see that getting a DNI or residency not a easy task. I am using a new service to try to get my DNI. I had a friend get his but he is from Europe which is regulation are different and easier. So I am going thru the process and if you are interested I will update my progress. If this all works...
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    Looking for female tennis partner!

    I just saw you want a female partner so I guess I do not quailfy. Since I am male Gary
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    Tennis Anyone?

    Hi I play Tennis and I am not sure what you consider intermediate. I have been playing since I was 10 years old but have not been playing on a regular bases. So I live in Belgrano and would be interested to play again. Gary
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    New to BA, arrived from TX 1 week ago

    Hi I just arrived this last Monday July 16 and am looking to meet some more EXpat. I am in the Belgrano area where I have some Argentine friends. So I am also trying to find a place to learn Spanish. I would like to meet during the day to practice and explore Buenos Aires. So if you would like...