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  1. J

    Argentine Cat!!!

    Hey expats... Just a quick question wondering if anyone knows how to get a cat out of Argentina...what kind of process is involved. I'm looking at leaving next year and I'd like to take her with me...although she was a gift from my now ex boyfriend, I guess leaving her behind wouldn't be too...
  2. J

    Job hell

    So here I am after 2.5 years here, drowning with the effects of inflation. I'm studying in UBA in a masters program and unfortunately can't just up and leave. I teach English and my institute is threatening to give me the boot if I can't teach a certain number hours/week (it was only this way...
  3. J

    Financial trouble

    Hi everyone I've been here about a year and I have a boyfriend not from here...his original plan was to build his life here, but we met and fell in love, I being from another country as well. The problem is that my father has decided he won't support me anymore (maybe because he knows it...
  4. J

    Storage Garage/Space

    I read somewhere about DepoMax storage - and while this looks like the perfect place to store things, I'm worried it might be really expensive. My boyfriend and I have lived here for over a year now and we have decided to travel for 6 months. We need a place to store our things...we have quite...
  5. J

    Portenos and People

    alrighty so i realize this is a great places to meet fellow foreigners, but i also met a few Argentines this way...a couple of my American friends are leaving and im looking for new people to meet and shoot the sh*t with...i dont have many Portenos in my friend circle (just 2) and have...
  6. J

    clubbing friend :) and empanadas

    been here for a little while now and wanted to send a quick message out here that BA life is good.... i think im addicted to empanadas...anyone agree? hahaha Im going to make them one night in the next few weeks when i have some time so if anyone wants to come help and/or eat them with me...
  7. J

    thinking of a cat....

    while i realize that a majority of the cats in this city currently occupy the jardin botanico and parque centenario i was wondering if anyone knows of anywhere i could get a year old cat or so...perferably female.... i'd love to not spend a fortune on her but as long as there are good vets...
  8. J

    out of frustration!!

    In keeping with a post by LadyBehindtheCurtain I also have been here 3 weeks and while I have a couple of friends that I try and go to museums with and enjoy the great food and Argentinian customs, I dont really have an avenue to meet new people that are around my age and doing what Im doing...
  9. J

    Where are the Canadians...?

    I haven't met anyone here yet from Canada... I cant be the only one... oh where oh where are you....? Jojo
  10. J

    New to BA

    Hello all My name is Josette...friends call me Jojo...Im here from Canada....trying to find a teaching job and living in Palermo... Im looking for new friends and new opportunities...hope to hear from ya :) Jojo