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    Salta & Jujuy

    My wife and I recently spent a week up there. We did 2 days in Cafayate, 1 day in Salta, and 2 nights in Purmamarca exploring the area up in Jujuy. Was a good trip. Biggest advice would be to rent a car and drive yourself rather than hiring a private guide or doing a bus thing--saves money...
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    Is there a way to pay for Aerolineas Argentina tickets through their website?

    Doesn't seem to be a way if you are a foreigner (despite the site claiming that there is). They wouldn't even let us pay via phone--made us go to a local office because the "flight was within 48 hours". Is there something that we are missing, or is it genuinely impossible to pay online...
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    Quit our jobs to move to BA

    I'm Jen's husband Ryan. Just thought I'd officially introduce myself as well rather than hiding behind her username :) Great to meet some of you last Friday. Look forward to hanging out again soon! Ryan