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    Selling ibook G4

    I am moving back to the States and don´t have enough space for everything so I will be selling my ibook G4. It is in pretty good condition, functions fine, it´s just slow and an old/vintage model. I am selling it for $250 USD, price is negotiable!
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    Unlock Cell Phone

    Hi Everyone! Does anyone know where in the city I could go to get my US cell phone unlocked? I have a phone with me here and I want to sell it, its in perfect condition-like new but its a US cell phone company and I want to sell it so it needs to be unlocked first. Let me know if you can help...
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    Housekeeper/maid available

    I currently work as a nanny and the maid that works for the same family as me is looking for a new family(the family treats her terribly and underpays her). She is really hardworking, friendly, trustworthy and has a lot of experience with cleaning/housework, errands and caring for children. She...
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    Blackberry for sale!

    Hi Everyone. I am selling my BLACKBERRY CURVE- like new. It is in almost perfect condition and has only been used for about 2 months. I'm selling it with the CASE and CHARGER. I am selling it for $1000 pesos or BEST OFFER. Let me know!
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    Blackberry For Sale!

    Hi Everyone. I'm selling my BlackBerry Curve with the Case and Charger. It is in almost perfect condition, only used for about 2 months. I am selling it for $1000 PESOS or BEST OFFER. Let me know if you are interested.
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    ibook G4

    Hi everyone. I have my ibook G4 with me here in Argentina, and although it is old, it still works pretty well. Recently, my power adaptor/cord broke/ripped so my computer won´t turn on since it isn´t charged. Does anyone by any chance happen to have an extra one they could sell me or know a...
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    Hairdryer for sale

    it is a GA.MA Italy and it is 1400-1700 watts.
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    Hairdryer for sale

    Hi everyone. I am selling a brand new hairdryer, never been used! I just moved into a new apt that has a blowdryer so I wont be needing the one I JUST bought. There is a year warranty that comes with it as well. I bought it bought $150 pesos but am willing to see it for $100 or best offer! Let...
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    Need a hairdryer

    Hi everyone. I recently bought a hair dryer from a store in BsAs and it is a piece of junk and barely works! My hairdryer from the states doesn´t work with a transformer, so I need one with an Argentine plug. Does anyone have an extra one for sale or is anyone leaving Argentina and selling some...
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    Planning a Mendoza trip

    can anyone recommend me a company to go through? we would like to do a bike tour, if possible. we are staying in the city of mendoza, and need information about how to get to the bodegas, and what they include such as lunch, tours, etc. can anyone help me out or direct me to a website/company...
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    cheap haircut!

    Hi everyone, I am looking to get my haircut. Nothing too fancy or expensive, but I would like a decent haircut for a good price! Does anyone have any recommendations of any English speaking hairdressers or even an Argentine one who is decent? I dont know if my vocabulary is good enough to...
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    roommate needed june 1st

    I am currently living in an apartment near the center and am going to need a new roommate to move in with me, or someone to move into a new place with! Either works for me. Just someone to live with come June 1st. I am from the States, teaching English and I am really down to earth, friendly...
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    Bagels, Bagels, Bagels

    where is tribeca bagels located? i cant find the location on their website.
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    Planning a Mendoza trip

    do you recommend going in may? my cousin is coming from the u.s. and we wanted to take a long weekend trip there in may. also, are wine tours available on the weekends?
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    In need of Intensive Spanish classes

    hi everyone, I am looking to take some intensive Spanish classes, possibly free or super cheap. I speak a bit of Spanish and I am also here in Buenos Aires to learn Spanish(and work) but I wanted to take an intensive class for a week or two to brush up a bit. Does anyone know a good place I...
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    need a place to live!

    Hi!! My friend and I just recently moved here and are looking for an apartment in BsAs(capital federal). We need a place that has spots for the two of us(if we have to share a bedroom, that's cool!). We wouldn't mind sharing an apartment with others or just having the two of either, either...
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    english teacher looking for work

    Hello, I just recently arrived in Buenos Aires and am looking for a job teaching English. I have experience teaching and can provide my resume and references upon request. I plan on staying in the Buenos Aires area for a minimum of one year. If anyone knows of any schools or institutes that...
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    looking to rent out a room

    Hi everyone! My friend and me are coming to BA in January. We are both coming to BA from NY in hopes to find jobs teaching English. When we arrive, we don't really want to stay in a hostel with all of our luggage and personal belongings, for obvious reasons. Does anyone know where we could...
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    Please advice on how to get english teach job

    hey everyone. so i do have a question about teaching english. if you come to BA with a tourist visa, hoping to find a job teaching english, how do they hire you if you don't have the working papers? do they help you get a work visa? or do you have to find a job working somewhere else beforehand...
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    confused about visa?

    Hi everyone, I am coming to BsAs in January. My plan is to teach English and stay for as long as I can. I am not quite sure how to obtain a work visa. I do know that you can stay in Argentina for 90 days and then renew it by taking a trip out of the country. But my question is, do most...